Tuesday, October 21, 2014


In August we...

Were still in MT.  Bret and I have a good system going for the boy's haircuts. He does the sides with the clippers and I do the tops with scissors.  I think we do a pretty good job.

We got to get some honey from my parents hives.  The kids thought it was pretty cool. 

We had a few calves here and there growing up.  My parents had some when we visited.  My kids thought it was so fun feeding them.

When we got back to Indiana we went fishing.

Kade's fish!

Landon's fish!  (they were all pretty small fish in that spot.)

Brotherly love

We went to a park with a stream one day and Bret found a crawdad.

It started to downpour while we were there.  The park close by that has steep slides to begin with and Kade and Bret went on them while it was raining and they just shot out of them and skidded to a stop.  It was so funny.  We got a video of it, but I never have luck with videos on this site.

Ridge learned the right way to pray

And draw

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


In JULY we..

Maggie took an art class and made a bunch of cool stuff,

sidewalk chalk fun,

naps all around,

Mag got "beet" up.  She loves beets.

We went to Saint Louis and had a ton of fun there with all the museums and the zoo,

Went on to Idaho and hung out with cousins

Had a family reunion while there,

The kids had a "mustache dache" race,

He watched.

Landon got extra help from his aunt Teresa and loved her for it

Shot off rockets

Went on to Montana

watched tv in the kitchen, that's a new experience

Went to Glacier National Park

At the top of Going to the Sun Road

Saw some mountain goats while at the top,

Went on the Trail of the Cedars. (I think that's what it's called)


Did some bridge jumping, SO surprised my kids did it.  (this photo does not do justice just how high it was/felt)

her bodyguard jumpers

Dad and Kade jump

Rode the horses,

Made some of our own rockets and shot them off

Sometimes they break...