Friday, March 14, 2014

Bret's gone again, so let's post.

The other day was a pretty muddy day for our kids.  Landon got some on his face and it reminded me of a photo of when Bret was little.  I fished around the computer's old files and finally found what I was looking for.  Although he is quite a bit younger here then I had imagined in my head, there is still some resemblance.  Maybe. 

 Maybe this one is better...(it's from a couple years ago)

 Well, actually, maybe this one works...
 How about this one?
 Or maybe he just looks like me as a child!
 I'm not sure.  Whenever anyone asks me who I think my kids look like I feel like I make my answer up every time.  AND it's a slightly different answer every time.

Anyway,  We had a few warmish days here and one really warm day.  It got up to 71 I think.  Bret took the opportunity to clean out the car.  Well, he had to because he was driving a couple colleagues and himself to DC to attend a conference. To say the least, the car REALLY needed it.  Especially after such a cold, long winter.  I have to admit I feel a little wimpy writing "long" there, being from Montana and all, but this one was the harshest winter I've seen here.  Also, having been cooped up with 4 kids made it feel really long.

Maggie and Landon had a jolly time playing with the car seats that day Bret cleaned out the car.  I mean really, they are SO much fun when they are out of the van! Right?  ...??? (Kids are strange.)

We got a new camera.  I really love it. I love playing around and now I get to post my fun. Actually it's only a glimpse of all the fun I've had.  But what's fun to me would look very, very boring putting it on here for all to see.  I'm no pro, in fact I'm quite the opposite.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

She likes to pose in this way lately.

Ahh, fat , indented baby hands. Love them.

 I love fat baby faces too.

 These two are Landon's neighbor friends.  They get along just fine.
 All the lovely neighbor friends. Great friends, all of them.
 This boy loves to flip through books and perform his amazing skill of babling.  He really is good at babbling.  The variety of sounds that come out of that boy's mouth leaves me and Bret staring and wanting more.

 I realize I haven't got very many of Kade lately. Here he is though, being a great brother to Ridge at Maggie and Landon's b-ball class. 
 Which they loved.

 Kissing is SO annoying isn't it Ridge.

 Please, tell me all about it.  That mean brother of yours.

Well I would love to write more, as always, but I think I better go to bed.  Bret is gone to the aforementioned conference.  He has been gone so much this school year.  I'll have to have him make me a list when he gets back so I can write it on here. 


Elly May said...

Fun! What kind of camera! Looks like it takes pretty nice photos. I like when you post. :) Good to see you and your crew! Hang in there chica.

Jinny and Mick said...

I enjoy seeing all the pictures and the commentary. You are funny, you know? Will you be coming home this summer? I think we are-maybe July?