Friday, January 31, 2014

Babies Bring Our Family Together

I thought about this when I was washing dishes and listening to my kids play. Maggie came in and was excitedly telling me something "so cute" that Ridge was doing. We all have a daily dose of love laughing at Ridge as we watch him do cute things, or talk about something that he did. My kids love their baby brother. It's so sweet to see them love him. It's good for them to have him to love. That love is special. It's good for them to think they need to take care of him. And they do, they take care of him. It is not always the safest or the most ideal way of dealing with a baby, but they have good intentions. It's amazing to see them be so patient when he does something they don't want him to. Sometimes they even laugh! When we talk about that love that we have for him, another person, it bonds us to him and it bonds us together. Makes me happy.