Thursday, October 31, 2013

Photo Update #....?

Bret informed me the other day that I have posted twice this whole year.  I was shocked!  I would love to be better, but this year has seriously gotten the better of me.  Is it just me or do 4 kids feel like 20? MAN, it's amazing how dependent they are. Anyway, here is ANOTHER photo update since it's easier and quicker than writing a novel about what we've been up to.  (OK you might get a novel when you add up all the photo captions.

I think I will try to write just a little.  We went out West again for our...4th annual summer trip. (not including the summer we came here) 
Yada yada yada, lots of photos on this computer of that, sorry.

This is a hot air balloon festival we went to. (back at Indiana) Kind of fun to see all the balloons up close.

8 teeth, 8.

 Kade, Bret and I ran in the Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5k.  I have to admit it was my first run and I had some stubborn feelings about doing any race...ever.  BUT I had a blast with Kade.  It really was fun!

This baby loves playing in the water.  He has fallen in a couple times.  I love babies. I lub their chub. Recently he has found the toilet.  Too many times.  That's gross.

I loved this backdrop to take photos.  We were at a apple orchard place thing that makes apple stuff (I didn't really see any orchard) with our playgroup and I wanted to come back and take family photos by that door with the red brick and rusty white chair.  Have I done that yet?  Heck no, it's hard enough for me to get our family ready for church on Sunday.  Make them all pretty TWICE in one week?? Hard work. I got a couple of Landon.

This is Landon's partner in crime.  They have fun being sneaky and doing wild things together.  They live in our back yard so they spend quite a bit of time together. He tells me he loves her.
Apple Orchard Funny faces.  Kade was too embarrassed to look at the camera.  He really didn't want to do funny faces.

There was a Father Son outing for our ward...which turned into a Father Daughter Son outing...which turned into Anyone in the Ward Can Go outing...then only 2 other dads went with their little kids.  Maggie was the only girl. They had a great time. I stayed with Ridge. 

This cutie pie is 10 months!

Kade is 7 years old!  We played halloween bingo in the park and had a ton of fun!

So Bret walked by this and thought Landon was falling in.  Apparently he likes to hang low.

Does this look like a lot of kids to you?? It looks like 20 to me. Look at all those legs!

So I got the kids ready slightly early one Sunday (Hallelujah!). Bret is always gone to his meetings so I deal with getting everyone ready.  This is probably why I don't want to do it again for another week. I know I'm being a whiner.  They are pretty cute though.  


Lindsey and Isaac said...

Yay! I'm so glad you updated and to see all the great pictures! The kids all look so cute and grown up in their Sunday clothes. Miss you guys too!

Elly May said...

Glad for an update! I am with ya-four has been the hardest number yet. And it doesn't help when husbands are gone alot! Hand in there!

Jinny and Mick said...

So great to see an update! Hopefully it'll get easier...I'm sure it's really hard with Brett in school. Just one day at a time, that's my goal. And you crack me up, too, I hope someday we can live closer to each other!