Tuesday, May 28, 2013

kids = personality

This boy is 5 months!  He also has 2 teeth.  He is smiley and happy. And he likes to be LOUD, he is a noise maker.  He is a bit afraid of anyone but mom and dad holding him. That is how Kade was and he also looks  a lot like Kade did as a baby.  He is bigger though, he weighs about 19 lbs. maybe a little more.
Landy-boy had his 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago!  He also started potty training(we attempted earlier and it was a no-go), and it is going pretty good.  He is very independent.  He goes where he wants to go and eats when and what he wants to eat.  He yells down to us from his  bed every night about 5 times that he loves us SO much.
Our only girl. She is sweet and sassy.  She just learned to ride her bike without training wheels!  She loves art and drawing, and she has a very good eye for it. She is not afraid of dirt. She is learning to read to get ready for Kindergarten in the Fall. Did I mention I wish I had her eyelashes?

Our little firstborn is not so little anymore.  He has lost a total of 5 teeth!  He loves and fears adventure.  He loves to read.  His favorite right now are the magic tree house books. He likes to save his candy for...well, forever.  He used to be afraid of sleepwalkers, then he turned into one.