Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Picture Post

To sum up the past few months...(they are not in order)
 Kade participated in a basketball league and loved it.
Our cute cute 4 month old

We told the kids to put their pj's on.  Landon came down like this.

Easter egg hunt

My brother Levi got off his mission in January and took a job in North Carolina.  He stopped here on his way there a few weeks ago.  The kids LOVED him.  They had SO much fun together.

Baby sink bath.

We took out Mag's hair one night and this is how it looked.

We went on a trip to Louisville KY to the temple and stayed in a fun hotel and went swimming.

Fun with Levi

Family hike/walk

Kade learned to ride a bike without training wheels!  He spends most of his free time doing that these days. He also lost his 2 front teeth but I haven't got a photo of that yet. 

Making good use of the butterfly clips from Grandma


Too tired

Levi taught us how to be ninjas with ninja head scarves out of shirts

Maggie did gymnastics and loved it.  She was really cute to watch.


We think this boy is pretty cute too.