Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Giant Baby

Ridge is here and he is almost 6 weeks old.  I don’t even know where to start, I’ve been wanting to write so many things for a while I think I will forget half of them.  The kids do so many cute things and are SO cute and SO naughty I wanted to remember and laugh at everything later on but I don’t think I will remember everything I wanted to.

The whole of last semester was pretty busy.  Bret had 2 conferences and 2 sections of a new class to teach and research papers to submit to work on.  Plus he had classes on top of all that.  We were in survival mode to say the least. Plus I was getting bigger and bigger. I was really uncomfortable and hurting by the end of the pregnancy.

 Ridge was due the 15/16th and my mom and Oli came the 18th. Ridge did not come until the 22nd. I was really annoyed. We were just hanging out waiting. I think Oli was bored out of his mind(being an 18 year old boy). 6 days late. WOW. Didn’t expect that. What was even more shocking was how big he was. 10 lbs 13 oz. That morning I was so mad. A few hours later I started getting contractions that slightly hurt. We decided to go to the hospital. I wasn’t in big pain so I walked into the hospital and said I thought I was in labor. We got all set up about 3pm. I was at a 5. They said the dr. would come a little later and break my water. I was in pain but it was bearable. The dr. broke my water at 5pm and 15 min. later things started to REALLY hurt. But I did have a little space in between contractions this time up until the end which was really nice for my sanity. Those kind of breaks at the end of hard labor have never happened to me before. My mom had sent some essential oils with me and I think these probably helped. Then 45 min. Later he was born. I pushed for under 5 min. I think I held my breath for those 5 min. It was hard, but gladly it was short. I didn’t tear or anything. The dr. said he wanted that baby weighed so he could see how big he was. Ridge even peed twice before the nurses got him on the scale-which they weren’t happy about. He was 22 inches long. I couldn’t believe it. What a chunk! I really am not super happy about how big he was. I don’t know how many more of those I can push out.
Here are some photos of Ridge Thomas.  We are all loving him so much.  Landon especially can't keep his hands off of Ridge.  Maggie is a great help with him.  Kade has been a great help with Landon.

I was able to come home the 23rd and spend Christmas with everyone.  We were SO glad my parents were there.  They were so fun and such great help.  We were really sad when they left.  It's just so hard being so far from family for so long.  We miss them.  I think I especially don't like it because I was blessed to grow up close to both sets of Grandparents and I LOVED it.  It was one of the best things about my childhood and so to raise my kids not close to either of their grandparents is sad.  I just hope someday we can be closer so I can at least drive there for a weekend or something.  We will see.  Thankfully they have great grandparents on both sides who really care about having relationships with their grandkids.