Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Waiting and waiting...

Well, as I approach my due date I'm becoming more and more antsy.  I don't like this time.  I'm uncomfortable and ready, but neither my body (nor the baby) is "ready" according to my check up yesterday.  So here is a little update on us while I wait...impatiently.
For Halloween Bret convinced Maggie to be a zombie ballarina.  I thought she looked great and was quite surprised she said yes.  Landon was a crayon which was SO cute (we inherited the body of the costume from my mom) and Kade was a monster (another costume from my mom). 
For Thanksgiving we went to our cousins house!!  We had so much fun and ate tons of yummy food.  We are so thankful they are so close to us.

This is Bret's artistic skills in action-the only action they've seen for a while. :)

Don't I look like I'm so happy to have such a huge belly on me?

One sad sad thing is that our wonderful neighbors have just moved to the next town.  Landon loves his friend and she is SO good to him.  Kade also is loosing her brother as a backyard friend.  Luckily the place they are moving is only about 15 min. away.  But we will miss them dearly in our backyard.

Kade and Maggie took a soccer class.  Kade LOVED it and was all for it.  Maggie liked it fine, but was more interested in making friends and playing with them.  It was funny to watch.

Poor little Landy-boy was too little to be in the class but loved the time after the class when he could "play" soccer.  Next year he will be old enough.

That's about it.  We were hoping this baby would be a 12-12-12 baby, but that's not happening anymore.  Mostly Bret and his dad will be dissapointed about that one.  They both kept talking about it.