Sunday, October 7, 2012

Summer Recap Post

I am so late on this, but I'm posting it anyway.  Life is too busy and this blog is not a priority.  I was in the mood to update tonight so I thought I would jump on that.  This was some of our Summer:
 Stopped by Mt. Rushmore
Stopped at "Wal-drug"

In MT, using the field as a driving range

 Boating at Gates of the Mountains-SO SO Beautiful

 Yet another birthday while on vacation-the big 30!
 The kids LOVED Aunt Mar-Mar and (new) Uncle Wade

 We went to the family cabin

 Grandpa's funny hat.  I think Kade would make quite a cute girl :)
 We went to OR this year for 2 reunions.  We stopped by where Bret grew up and also his little brother's gravesite. 
 This was Bret's eagle scout project
 Linford Family Reunion.  We had a sand castle contest.
 Kade decided to do some super cool moves for the camera.

Newport lighthouse


We saw some pretty cool tidepools

Swensen Family Reunion


We went crabbing

And clamming, both crabbing and clamming were really fun.

Landon and Asher.  I think they look a lot alike.






We ran into some of Bret's cousins while on a lake near his parents house and had some fun with them and their water toys.  For some reason we didn't pull out the camera as much while in ID. 
We loved the Oregon coast, it was so fun and so hard to leave.  We loved ID and MT as well.  It was hard to come back and start life up again.  But it's good at the same time.  I will have to do another update soon on what we have been doing since being home.


Romney Family said...

what a fun summer!! SO glad we got to see you guys while at home!!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Fun pictures! Glad we got to see you guys too, it's not often enough!

Jenny said...

Looks like you had a great summer. So full! I love when you post. I feel like I'm able to reconnect with you. :)