Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Landon Turns 2!...And some other tidbits.

(First I have to say that this ANNOYING BLOGGER keeps cutting off the latter part of my post!  I  can't ever get posts to be frustrating, does anyone else ALWAYS have problems??  Maybe that's why I don't post that much...probably not though.)  ANYWAY, If you want to see the whole post click on the post title to see only this post then you will see it all.

Our sweet, colorful boy Landon had a birthday on Monday.  Our batteries were too low to get many photos, but we got a couple. We went to a friends house for a little party.  Her son was born the day before Landon and she never got  to make a cake for him, so she actually made one for Landon.  It was really nice.  Then we came home and the neighbor kids came over to watch him open presents.  I think he had a great day. 

He got a Thomas the Train shake and go and he LOVES it.  I have never had a kid who is so obsessed with "choo choos" before.  He lives and breathes them.  So this gift was perfect. He saw what it was when he was opening it and started shaking he was so excited.

We love our Landyboy.  Like I said, he is very colorful.  He cries to the fullest and laughs to the fullest.  He loves to have fun and joke around and laugh.  He makes all of us laugh everyday.  I am so wishing he would stay this size a little longer.  

Some other things going on, Maggie took a "creative movements" class and loved it.  She loves dancing.  She is kind of a wiggly little thing usually and so I think this was a great outlet for that.  At the end of the season she had a 1 minute performance and it was darling.  But I don't think she got her fill because she danced in the aisle afterwards while the other groups performed.

Kade lost his first tooth! It was actually about a month ago.  It's funny because a few of his friends who are older than him were loosing teeth and he asked me when he would loose his teeth and I told him next year....a week later he came screaming to me that his tooth was loose.  He wanted to pull it out that day.  He would have, but I told him it wasn't quite ready yet.  He wiggled it so much it was ready really quickly and he had me pull it out right in the middle of a church activity.  He said it was the best day ever. 

Bret got out of school and is just doing research for the summer and we love it.  We have had so much fun with him.  We love having our husband and dad back in our lives.  We just went camping with our cousins and had a great time. 

Kade is also in t-ball right now.  It's pretty funny to watch all those kids.  Most of them have no idea what's going on or what to do with themselves.  Kade really likes it though (phew!- I never know with that boy, sometimes he will love something and other times he will clam up and refuse to do it.)
Now we are just enjoying our 6 weeks here until we go on our trip out West.  We will be going extra far this year for 2 reunions in Oregon.  We can't wait, but at the same time dread the even longer car ride.  Oh well, we are getting pretty good at it.


Ward Family said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing so well, Landon is a cutie, how much longer in school does Bret have? Hope all is well!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Landon is such a cutie and I can't believe Kade lost a tooth! I keep thinking that's not going to happen for a very long time to Kason, but maybe it's sooner than I think. It was fun to read about everyone and we are excited for you guys to come out here!

Sarah said...

Boy, they do grow don't they? Our babies are 2! I have been thinking about putting Ella in a dance class too... sounds like Maggie had fun.

Swensen Family said...

Wow, it is crazy how fast kids grow up. Happy late Birthday Landon!! July can't come fast enough, we can't wait to see you guys and spend some much needed time with the whole family (I guess Levi is still on his mission), but it will just be fun to catch up and let these cousins play until the drop! McKenzie loves looking at pictures of Maggie. Your kids are so cute!

Jinny and Mick said...

I can't believe he is 2 already! Will you guys be home this summer? We will probably be there in July.