Thursday, February 23, 2012

Falling Asleep

Last week Bret drove with some people in his department to South Carolina.  He presented a poster at a conference there.  It went really well, and I'm glad he had the opportunity. I stayed home with the kids. My birthday was on Friday and I was sad that Bret couldn't be there.   Although I had some really great friends make the entire day awesome for me, so I was not lonely at all.  Except at night.  I could not sleep AT ALL.  It was miserable. Having that experience caused me to reminisce my life encounters with sleep.

 I have had issues with sleeping for as long as I can remember.  When I was very young, it was because I was afraid.  I think E.T. started that off for me.(I saw it when I was 6 and it freaked me out bad.) I used to sleep with my back to the wall and the covers over my head with a little hole for my mouth to breath through.  Then a kind client of my Dad's gave me a large stuffed rabbit and he became the protective barrier between me and the wall-less side of the bed.  I could then sleep with my head above the covers.  I loved that rabbit. I don't know what happened after that, but I just could not fall asleep.  For years.  Some nights were better than others and I did go through phases that were good an bad, so it was not like I lived my entire life not sleeping. Also, once I was asleep I slept fine, but it was that initial falling asleep that had been my trouble.

Anyway, when I married Bret, falling asleep got easier.  It continued to improve as the years rolled on, I think partly due to having babies and knowing that if I DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP NOW, I WON'T GET ENOUGH. Now, In my opinion, I fall asleep pretty fast.  Bret doesn't think I fall asleep fast.   Yes, it is true that he has heard me fall asleep before him only a few times, but I say, compared to how it was, things are great!

He has been gone at night before, and while I usually have a hard time falling asleep when he is gone, this was the worst of all. I am even too embarrassed to write on here what time I actually fell asleep!  I don't like to think I am that dependant on him to fall asleep!  It made me think that I was completely messed up and would have to start all over again when Bret got home.  Luckily I have been sleeping great since he has returned. I am very happy about that.  But when I was laying there in bed in the middle of the night I thought, some people do this every night.  Some people always have trouble sleeping.  I empathize, I really do.  Bret told me I should take some sleep medicine the next time he goes away.  I might.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

100th Post-To the Good Life

Life goes so fast.  As I watch my kids grow and see them discover the world or learn to see things that they did not see before I am filled with overwhelming gratitude to be their Mother. It has been so hard, learning to be a mom, and I am still struggling and learning. I know that I have become a stronger and more faithful person because of it.  And I am blessed with these sweet, innocent spirits to help me along the way.  On occasion, my Dad carries out this little ritual with his grandkids (which I think he may have done it when I was young too). He has them sit up to the table while he pulls some special drink out of the fridge.  Then he fills their cups and teaches them to toast each other. They "clink" their cups and say together "To the good life." It's a funny thing to watch, especially with all those assorted miniature personalities gathered round.  Anyway, I think despite the regular and irregular ups and downs of this life we have right now, that expression, "The good life" is applicable to how I feel about my life.

Kade gave a talk today in primary. I had him look through a church picture book we had and choose a scripture story that he wanted to talk about.  He chose the story from Mathew 4 where Jesus tells Peter and Andrew to follow Him and He will make them fishers of men.  We printed off the picture, he colored it and told the story in his own words.  He did great.  He thought of some ways that he can be a missionary and he told about his uncle Levi who is on a mission for our church right now. I had Bret help him with his talk this time so I could just sit and listen.  It was really nice.

Maggie girl-what we call her sometimes-is in primary this year!  She is SUCH a different personality than Kade ever was.  She is loud and not afraid to say random thoughts that pop into her head to whoever is teaching. She is not the loudest child I've seen, but she is in stark contrast to Kade.  She is pretty good at being reverent though and she likes to answer some questions and she does well.  Tonight Bret called a "family counsel" at dinner to ask the kids if they thought I should dye my hair pink.  Bret and Maggie were all for it, Kade sweetly said that he liked my hair just the way it is.  Bret later said that Kade is my little minion.  Maybe so, maybe so.

For Martin Luther King Jr. day we made our way up to Indy to the zoo and the Indiana state museum.  It was all free that day.  We got to watch the dolphin show with our cousins and watch a short performance of Rosa Parks. 

This is outside the museum by the canal.  There is the big city behind us.

These are some snow day photos I took.  Other than this one snow day, there has been no snow.  I think we skipped winter. I HAD to post these few photos of Landon.  They remind me of that photo going around on facebook of the little girl running (see photo below this one).  He looks so weird it makes me laugh.  (Do I sound like a mean mom?)

Some things we have been into lately:
UNO-our kids have discovered UNO.  Wow do they want to play it unceasingly.  It's fun though, we all enjoy it...except Landon, who isn't allowed to touch the cards anymore.
Dance parties.  Yes, we have our own Linford dance parties.  The kids cannot get enough of this either. We put kid tunes on Pandora, turn the lights off, turn the light sabers, laser light and flashlights all on and dance to our hearts' content.  Sometimes, when the Kade and Maggie are gone or doing something else, Landon will come down the stairs with a light saber wanting to dance.  He is such a dancer.  He surprises me at how he can dance too.  I should record it. 
One other quirky thing about my kids.  From about 8 months until about 2-ish Kade would cross his fingers whenever he was eating.  Sometimes he would not only cross his pointer and middle finger, but he would cross his ring finger and pinkie too! And sometimes on both hands!  It was so strange.  Well Maggie was born and, she did the same thing!  Always only while eating.  Landon has started to do it frequently as well, but he only crosses one pair of fingers so far. Strange genes that we have or something.