Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Recap

So I don't really like doing super long posts...at all. But it has to happen due to my lack of staying on top of updating this blog. I have a beautiful dream in my head that I will be able to post often enough that I could do something a little bit more creative than just a RECAP. Boring. But what am I supposed to do? I NEED to be able to look back and have some memories of this time in our lives!!

Anyway, here it is. Needless to say, it is lengthy.

So before we left for Christmas, Kade and Maggie had the opportunity to ring the bell with Bret for Salvation Army. Kade loved it! Maggie, however did not have such a great time. She is a bit of a wimp when it comes to staying outside when it is cold. Bret said she sat right inside those doors for a large portion of the time they were there. He said that people would stare at her in confusion as they passed. Poor lost girl.

Put her inside where it is warm, and she can be a happy little princess.

So here they are at the airport, waiting to fly on an airplane for the FIRST time (except Landon who flew with me last year for my grandma's funeral). Kade's one wish for the past year and a half has been to fly on an airplane. It was a dream come true for him. Maggie was pretty excited too. Bret was (he admits this now so I can say it) a little too excited having slightly higher than realistic expectations for the whole "plane ride with the kids" thing. Having flown last year with Landon, although he did really great, I think I had a little lower expectations than everyone else. Especially considering Landons' stage in life is one of not holding still. After 3 different planes we got to MT and to my parent's by 2:00am our time. It was hard. And Maggie has a weak stomach(luckily she just threw up once on the way back and Bret got the bag in time).

Really though, we have been looking forward to going to MT ever since we left in August. We were SO excited. This was the 4th year that we had been away for Christmas, so I was happy to go back.

Uncle Oli. They had fun with him. I like him a lot too.

Uhh, I don't know what to say about this one.

Looking outside at the cows. He loved them...from this distance.

Aunt Maren and Kade have such an awesome bond that really amazes me. She can bring Kade out in a way that I don't often see and also in a way that no one else can do. I can hardly believe my eyes when I see him being so open and crazy and comfortable with her. She truly has a gift with him and actually with all children. We love her SO much. Kade REALLY loves her. I think when we got home he was going through Maren withdrawals!

Bret giving Landon a haircut, which Landon quite enjoyed. He was proud of himself to be able to stand there and have dad work on him. It was cute.

So we went to the family cabin while there and had a blast. We went and cut down a Christmas tree. This outfit of my moms is from my Grandpa Swensen's days in the air force and She LOVES it. She says it is warm. I say it is funny.

One of my best friends from BYU-Idaho SUZIE met us at the cabin! It was SO good to see her.

The kids did a little sledding around the cabin.

This is Christmas Eve dinner in the new (unfinished) addition dining room at my parents' house. We have been having this same dinner for Christmas Eve ever since I can remember. It has a whole lot of crab (sometimes lobster), shrimp, artichokes, little smokies, chips and dip, crackers and cheese, and sparkling cider of many flavors. I was really looking forward to this meal in particular!

I really like this photo

And this one shows our strange son trying to eat the table. He held on tight for a while, even while everyone was bouncing the table.

Grandpa introduced never ending gobstoppers to the kids.

I also got to play volleyball at the yearly alumni games! I had a lot of fun even though not very many of the girls that I knew came this year. (we have yet to figure out how to take action shots on the camera)

So skipping back to Thanksgiving, we had our cousins out and had a great time, here are our little pilgrams.

So this year, Kade and Maggie went to 2 different coop group preschools. They had a GREAT time and really loved it. This semester they are back together again mainly for my own sake. It's easier when they are just in one group.

For one of my days, I combined the 2 groups and we went to a martial arts center and got a free lesson! It was a success! I am still considering signing Kade up though. He really liked it.

They did a lot of fun things. They stretched, did lots of punches and kicks with some yelling and grunting, did some blocking and ran around a little obstacle course.
So, here is the finished product of Bret's stand he built this summer (not the greatest photo). We finished it a while ago.

Landon likes to wrestle with Kade. Kade is a good older brother and lets his little brother sit on him.

Ok that's it. I'm done!