Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is Landon. He is a little crazy. He likes to climb. He doesn't like to fall, but even if he does, he keeps climbing. It took 5 years, but we finally had to go to the ER for a child. 2 Saturday's ago he pushed the kid chair into the kitchen and got salad tongs and then fell back on them. It wasn't a horrible cut, but it was really separated and Grandpa Doug said if we want his eyebrow not to be crooked, we had better take him in. So we did. Here is the little cutie-pie rascal with 3 stitches:


Jenny said...

Ouch. Poor guy.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

oh boy. Hope Bret was there! I got stitches almost in the same place when I was his age. Glad he's ok. He looks cute! :)

Swensen Family said...

Gosh he sure is cute! Ouch, hope it heals well, love head wounds...they sure bleed a lot!