Thursday, September 8, 2011

"It will get rid of your waaaaarts!"

Call us weird, but this made Bret and me laugh...a lot.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The rest of the story

Before We left Montana this man had a birthday! He is a whopping 29 years!

And for his birthday, I allowed him to make THIS beauty. (; Actually he said it was a great present for his birthday. He did an amazing job. I like how he is getting into wood working(when he can). He has a very good eye and is very patient with perfecting details. This is for our water filter in our kitchen. We will paint it and "antique" it and post the finished product later. I love it.
Then, off to Council Idaho we went! This picture is at a work party for Doug's clinic there. The kids got to ride in this "life flight" golf-cart thingy.

Bret also did a bit of wood working here as well. He made some shelves for his parent's food storage. Kade was interested in it and so grandpa decked him out with some goggles and earmuff things. The necklace was Kade's personal touch.

And awesome wig we found at Grandma and Grandpa Linfords

We went canoeing at a nearby lake

All the life vests we just a tad bit big. It worked best for them to look out the side sometimes.

Mine fit.

Maggie (and Kade) caught a fish with Grandpa!

While there we went to a really fun cabin with some cousins. It was a lot of fun. Although there was a flu bug that passed through pretty much everyone which was not fun, but we got through it.

Then after Council we stopped for a night in Boise with Mckay and Katie. The kids loved seeing their cousins there.

Then we stopped by Heidi and Paul's house before making our way to Indiana. We got to play with some more cousins there too! Then we stayed a night at a hotel in Nebraska then a night in St. Charles Missouri. We got a nicer hotel and swam around then went to the FREE zoo there and drove the last 5 hours home. This is how tired Landon was by the end of it.

And here we are at home. What a long trip! For fun, lets see all our stays on our trip in a nutshell:

Bloomington, IN

Nauvoo, IL
Spearfish, SD

Fairfield, MT

Council, ID
Boise, ID


Lincoln, NE

St. Louis, MO

Bloomington, IN

Next year we get to go even farther...The Oregon coast to 2 reunions! ...I think I might die.