Thursday, August 4, 2011


Once again, I am way behind. So today we are covering the month of July plus a tiny bit of August...mostly by photos.
We have had a great summer. The 4th of july was great. We went to our ward breakfast and watched the kids do their decorated bike parade. Kade pulled Maggie and Landon in the bike trailer and was tuckered out by the end. Then we went to the parade downtown, which was...interesting. Then we had a block party with our neighbors. That was great fun. We had badmitten, slip-n-slide, water toys, a jump house and tons of great food and great company. Then we watched fireworks with our neighbors.
A few days later, we went to Nauvoo on our way out West. Bret's 2 sisters and their families were able to come and camp with us. It was SUPER HOT and muggy, but we had a lot of fun. Bret and I were able to go to the Nauvoo temple. It was great and the temple is SO beautiful. Nauvoo is a wonderful place. There is such a strong spirit there.
Our Pioneers

Carthage Jail
Then, on to Montana!
Maggie doing a little exercising with Grandma

Eating out on the new deck

So Maggie found these glasses around the house and Grandma gave them to her. She wore them nonstop for a couple days. So now I have a ton of photos of her in those 50's looking glasses.
Great Grandma Swensen

One of their favorite spots was on top of the huge dirt pile on the lawn. My parents are expanding their basement thus the dirt.
This trampoline was probably the most visited and loved spot of all. Isaac and Lindsey came while were there and our kids had so much fun with their kids. It was really good to see them all.
While in MT we went to the Swensen cabin. We had a blast there. We went to Georgetown Lake, went to Philipsburg and visited the ghost town there. We took 4wheelers and their side-by-side and drove around.

Ghost town

The candy store in Philipsburg is awesome. The walls are lined with all sorts of candy. grandpa got a bag for each child. They were so excited as he let them pick what they wanted.
Outside with their lute.
Kason and Kade had so much fun together. They played non-stop.
At the cabin having s'mores

I and am pretty proud of myself for getting this shot of Bret. He usually is not very receptive to the camera. (:
This girl is a wild woman. This whole trip she has been extremely happy. It's nice to see her like that.

Fishing on the boat. Nice one Kade! (Dad)

Working on the Cabin. It's an on-going project and when we stay there we do at least a little work on it each time.

Bret took this photo and it's a good one, but that dragonfly is nasty looking!
Then we came home from the cabin and had a few more days with Isaac and Lindsey. One day we looked outside and the kids had striped down to their undies(which happened to all be white that day) and were running through Grandma's sprinkler. So we whipped out our cameras.

Playing in the blowup pool
Riding with Grandpa as he moves the dirt pile.

And of course, we had to have a horse ride while here.

And that was the month of July!
A couple days ago we went to a nearby lake for one more ride on the boat and one more ride on the tube. I never got any photos of that though.
Landon was a crazy boy, he wanted to walk right into the cold water and wouldn't stop unless we grabed him. Grandma was so nice and followed him around so he could still think he was being independant!

My dad got bees this last year. I got to suck on a honeycomb-MMM!
These 3 were watching the bees and Bret got these shots. I love them!