Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Maggie the 3 year old

Maggie turned 3 on the 25th! We borrowed Sarah's idea of a rainbow party(though ours was not as pretty(: )! She had a blast. We colored rainbows, made fruit loop necklaces and played pin the cloud on the rainbow. She HAD to have cupcakes and we also had rainbow popsicles. We love our spicy little 3 year old so much! She brings us such joy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some Summer Fun Photos

I can't say it enough. We love summer. We have been having so much fun! Here are some photos:

A before church photo of Maggie

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo with our cousins and then went and spent the night at their house. It was so much fun. Sadly, the dolphin show was canceled because the dolphin had a baby. We have never been but we've heard that is the highlight of the zoo. But we still had a lot of fun all the same.

This picture isn't that great, we took mostly videos while there. They had a shark pool with all these little sharks to touch. I told Kade if he touched one I'd give him a sucker and he did. After that he wanted to touch them over and over again. I was surprised at his bravery.

All of the cousins in front of the elephants

It was so hot muggy, and sweaty that day.

Dad and Landy-boy

A photo in the back yard

This sweet little boy had been a GRUMP the last few days. He is getting his molars and they are sure taking their time. This is how he looks at me these days...

Maggie made a beautiful hair piece

Drama queen

We got a slip and slide and the kids LOVE it. They spend all day playing outside with their friends. They have really become good friends with the kids out back recently. It's so nice to have buddies that like to play! Landon doesn't really like getting in the water, he will only timidly check it out.

We went to a nearby State park and "hiked" around a bit. It was really fun and beautiful. This park was really nice.

Landon thinks he belongs right in this spot....all day long.

Playing with cars

Ladnon has been wiped out many times over this past while. He has fallen asleep in the car probably twice as much as my other babies ever did.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tornadoes and Sunshine

So there have been a few things going on here. One big thing was that our city had a tornado Wednesday night. It was only an F1 tornado but it was freaky. It touched down about 2 miles from us (we didn't know until the next day). We heard 5 tornado sirens that evening. Bret and I have NO experience with this sort of thing and have decided to be better prepared from now on. At one point Bret looked out the window and saw a green light coming from the lightning in the sky. It was weird, it was hardly windy where we were, but just 2 miles away, HUGE trees were being uprooted, mobile homes being destroyed, and roofs were being torn away. Luckily no one was killed and just 17 were injured. Even though we felt scared and vulnerable that night, we had no idea how vulnerable we actually were. The next evening we drove over to where the tornado touched down and surveyed the damage. I forgot the camera though! I wish I had it because it was shocking at actually how much this supposed small tornado did! There was debris everywhere for miles. Houses by then had covered their torn spots with tarp. Everyone’s yard was covered in branches and uprooted trees. There were some HUGE trees that got uprooted. It is just crazy. I can't believe how close it was! I think that will be the closest I will ever get to a tornado or at least I hope.

Before this though, Landon turned 1!!! (I am WAY late) Another crazy thing! It's so sad, but I love seeing him grow up at the same time. He has such a happy personality. He loves to laugh and have people laugh at him. He is still huge and we love it. We celebrated by having some friends over and I made a cake. The cake was way too sweet so the next week I made a beautiful and delicious angel food cake and we had that with whipped cream and strawberries. I wanted to get a sand and water table, but they are so expensive and I didn't want sand mixed with water which undoubtedly would have happened. I was lucky enough to get 2 free homemade ones from our community center. They had a clinic to build it yourself but we missed it, but they had some left over and gave them to me. They are pretty cool, made with pvc pipe and a plastic bin. Bret also spray painted the stands to look even better. We got some cool water toys (plus some from grandma and grandpa) and all the kids love playing with it.

We had a great weekend. Kade and Bret went to Lowes "build and grow" free clinic that we signed up for to build a wooden airplane. The clinics are free 2 times a month on Saturdays and they give you different things to build. It was crowded and so they took it home to build it. Kade loved it. While they were building Maggie and I painted our nails. AND Bret and I went on a date.

We have been having so much fun and doing so much together as a family. It's like a whole new life. Having Bret around is so fun. Here are some more fun things we've been up too: swimming at the pool, playing in our back yard with sprinklers and splash pads with their neighbor friend, planted a “raised” garden, played games, did some deep cleaning, gone on picnics, ridden bikes, and a few other things.