Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Masters Down, 1 PhD to go

Bret is DONE for the summer! He is done with his SECOND Masters degree. He passed the MA exams with flying colors and just yesterday finished his last project and grading his students final.

This year has really been the hardest out of all the years of grad school. I thought we had this grad school living thing pretty figured out, but this year was a killer. I have literally felt like a single parent from sun-up to sun-down. I don't want to be a complainer, I really am just so glad that this year is finished. With no looming exams, next year is looking pretty good.

I know that it is an insane amount of schooling to do in order to be a professor, but that is the way it happened and it's alright. There was really no way of knowing exactly how it was going to be before we got into it. It will be worth it and he will be extremely qualified and will hopefully get a good job when he is done. Most of all, it is a journey and we are enjoying it. We are growing together and learning a lot about life and each other. I am excited that he will be a professor someday.

Right at this moment, however, I am not feeling so great. I have a sinus infection that came after a horrible head/body cold. Landon got this cold too. Needless to say life has been tough. Landon got his first earache about 2 1/2 months ago and it seems like he has been sick and fighting on and off earaches ever since. The other kids have just gotten some colds, not too bad, but not great either. I feel bad for Landon though and am very ready for him to be able to act his normal, happy self. I feel the end of this is coming soon.

We have many plans for this break that we have. The Indy Zoo, camping, bike rides, swimming, projects around the house, and of course our yearly drive to the West to see our families. We are SO excited for all of this! We are also SO excited to relax and enjoy spending time together. (First Bret has to reintroduce himself to our kids though) :)
Postings of FUN to come!

And here are some pics from lately. We love to walk outside in the rain...well Kade and Maggie do. I like to watch most the time. The rain here is very different from back home. It rains all day for many days. It rains so hard too. At night we have had some pretty intense storms that are kind of freaky. It feels like someone is spraying a high pressure hose at my window! (Don't mind the pic of me, it seems that whenever I get on the other side of the camera, I have not done much with myself that day...really, I do do myself up, I promise!)