Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I LOVE about THEM


-I love that he is my snuggle-boy. When I get him up from sleeping we hug each other and cuddle. He really does hug me too, not only when I get him up, but random times as well. He just wraps his little arm around my neck and it is so sweet.

-I love that he "kisses" me. When he wraps his little fat arm around my neck he sometimes buries his face in my neck as well and blows or talks into my neck. He will do that to my cheek, chin, head, mouth, or whatever part he can get his mouth on really.

-I love that he laughs. Oh how he can laugh, ever since he was quite small he has been a big laugher. He especially loves to laugh at Kade and Maggie.

-I love that he smiles. Easily. You know when something is bothering him big time if he does not greet you with a smile.

-I love that he looks at people in the eyes. People often comment on how he looks right at them. He checks them out through looking at their eyes.

-I love how much he can enjoy things. That's one thing about this boy, he can thoroughly enjoy experiences and other things. You can really tell when he is enjoying himself. He is different than my other babies-Kade was more reserved about his emotions(mostly), and Maggie was so easygoing that I could hardly tell if she was hating or enjoying something. When Kade and Maggie are doing something and are enjoying themselves, Landon thinks he is in on it too and gets so excited.

-I love his hair. Such a well covered head! Wow! NEW for me!

-I love his chub. It's the one thing I can always count on people commenting on. He is seriously SO BIG. You know how when your baby is in just diaper you can't help but look at them and think sweet things? Well I do the same thing, but I also can't help but think how amazingly chubby he is.


-I love that she likes girly things. Princesses, pink, dolls, you name it. AND she lets me do her hair and wants it to be done quite often. It is fun for me.

-I love her fun loving nature. She is not the most outgoing child, but she does not always like to watch something fun going on for long. She can't help but want to get in on the action. She likes to laugh and have fun pretty much wherever she goes.

-I love her firecracker nature. Yes, I do...I think. I don't ALWAYS enjoy it or know how to handle it, but it sure does make me laugh. She is not a push over and in a way I am happy about it. It's interesting to me that if she decides she doesn't care about something, then it will not affect her. (i.e. loosing in a game, being teased, not doing the best at something or doing something different than what other kids are doing. And on the flip side: getting in trouble, someone telling her to stop something when she has decided not to.)

-I love her beautiful eyes. I can't get over them. They are huge, long-lashed, almond shaped eyes.

-I love that she loves her brothers. She is a good sister to them. She is a playmate to her older brother and likes to help make her younger brother happy(much of the time).

-I love that she is pretty-much potty trained. I was not in a hurry to potty train her and would have been fine with waiting, but she was really wanting to and showing major potty-training signs. So I started on Friday and we are on day 6 with only one accident and 2 nights with a wet diaper in the morning! She has really done it herself and both Bret and I are blown away.

-I love her sweet side. Maggie is a girl of many colors. This color is my favorite. No matter how mad I get at her, it doesn't compare to how deeply she melts my heart. She can be so sweet.


-I love how aware he is. Kade is very observant. He is also close to silent about it.

-I love that he wants to do whats right. Kade really tries hard to do good things. When he does something that makes me particularly happy or someone else happy, he beams. It is so cute. I can see that at a young age he feels a need to do what's right.

-I love that he likes to learn. He has taken a huge interest in learning lately. He has asked me to teach him to read. He enjoys it and has quite an impressive motivation.

-I love that he is sweet. Kade is a quiet, sweet boy. He will come up to me sometimes and give me a hug and say that he loves me. He makes an effort to do small things for his family to let them know he loves them.

-I love that he likes charts. Charts work like magic for Kade! Anytime there is a problem that we want to get better or something for him to work on, we make a sticker charts or charts that he gets to cross off boxes when he does or doesn't do something. It works really well. When he puts his mind to do something he gets it done.

-I love his help. Kade is a wonderful help to me. He really can do a great job at picking up a room, making his brother happy, and helping his siblings do things.

-I love that he is funny. I may be biased, but Kade says some pretty funny things sometimes. He likes to make us laugh.

PS. I hate how this blog site messes up my format EVERY time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Here's some happenings 'round here:

A few weeks ago we were almost to the door of a friends house and Kade was looking down while he walked. He walked right into the metal handrail and hit so hard he fell on his back. He got a nice black eye soon after. I looked for another photo WITHOUT food all over his face, but there was none.

For Family Home Evening one night we took the idea of musical dress up out of the FRIEND magazine (and Jinny's blog-thanks Jin!)

So, no matter how high I hike his diaper or his pants up, this is what always ALWAYS happens. I think either A:he has one looong bum. OR B: His chub is so voluptuous, it just naturally mushes together to form a line.

BUT on the other end there is something else that stands out as well! I love his eyes!

Oh how we love to see the rain here!! It can rain SO hard and for SO long! (Don't mind Maggie-she is in the middle of changing out of church clothes into pj's)

I'm an Activity Days leader(which is for girls 8-11 years old) in my ward and for our last activity we talked about modesty and being unique. We then decorated little poster board dolls with fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, ribbon, buttons and markers to make them modest and unique. They turned out pretty cute and the girls enjoyed making them.

So I go to this thing for mom's every so often at this church nearby. They have a variety of activities that they do. Today I learned about photography, it was really good and I think I learned some helpful things to do. So I was just playing around with the camera today because it was pretty warm and we all wanted to play outside-here's a few of my favorites: (These are not edited, I'm sure Bret would love to get his hands on them before I post them...oh well)

(Hallelujah! A REAL smile! Guess what I did-I told him he didn't have to smile and he got all bashful and smiled!)

PS. Landon weighs 26.9 lbs. He continues to top...or not be on the charts at all sometimes.
A few other tid-bits:
4 more weeks until Bret takes his exams.
Landon has double ear infections.
It’s his first earache.
Maggie is so cute when she says “Akulley” aka:Actually
Kade is getting too big.
Our Bishop is moving, this next Sunday I think we will get a new one.
There was a tornado warning a couple weeks ago.