Saturday, February 19, 2011

9 Months and Best Friends

Landon is 9 months old!
It's sad how fast this first year goes! I feel like he isn't old enough to be 9 months old, yet I think he looks big enough to be 18 months! I love his chub! He is so big though, it is hard to always hold him. He is such a wonderful boy to have in our family. I am constantly amazed at how easily he laughs. I really have never seen such a smiley, laughy baby. He has shown no signs of being afraid of strangers either. He is more serious with strangers, but not afraid. People are often surprised at him when he looks at them in their eyes so easily and for so long a time. He is not ashamed to try and stick his fingers in anyone's mouth. Lately during church in Relief Society, some of the women have been holding him for me (which is such a nice break for me) and he does so well with them and is so easily entertained by them, I love it. Landon is a great baby, but he definitely knows how to whine. Though he is lasting longer by himself now. Recently he has been sleeping GREAT! He has never been the best sleeper for sure and it has been quite hard for me, but oh man I am loving it now! He has 4 teeth and 2 just about to pop. He was a little later(in teething) than my other 2, but once they come, they have come fast. He also just barely started crawling. I didn't mind that he was a little later than my other 2, now I have to do some major baby-proofing the house.
Overall, we cannot get enough of our Landon, he is just so darn cute!

I also wanted to say that I love Kade and Maggie's friendship. They have so much fun together and are each others best friends. I love it. These photos are from the Fall, but I wanted to post them anyway.

Here is a cute one of Kade that I liked