Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where Do I Begin??

Ok, hi everyone... if there is anyone still out there. I'm going to try real hard to get this here blog updated. The main reason being that I am planning on printing all this someday for a journal. But I do like to stay in contact with all you nice friends, and I think it is fun. Most the time. You might have noticed I haven't posted for a while. It's because my life is crazy and all motivation to blog left me for a few months. The motivation returned a short while ago, but still every time I wanted to blog, something more important came to my mind for me to do. So today, I'm putting off a shower (and many other things), the kids are playing trick or treat with pumpkin pails and duplo all over the house, Landon is playing happily in his bouncer (half dressed), and I am POSTING ON THIS BLOG!

So...hmmm...WHERE DO I BEGIN? This is why it is good to update the blog consistently. I don't like updating after a long time has passed.

Let's begin with Landon's story. (this is long) He was born on Friday, the 14 of May 2010. Wednesday I went to the church to do Activity Days. Everyone there was really surprised to see me. One friend kept telling me she could make me some homemade, yummy caster oil brownies! I considered taking up that offer. My mom was here for one week and I WANTED that baby to come while she was here. Thursday evening at dinner a bunch of my water leaked out. It didn't gush and it wasn't a ton and it didn't spur on ANY contractions. I called my dr. to see what I should do and I don't remember what he said, but it was something like it's my call. No help. We called Bret's dad (who is a dr.). He said if all of my water had not gushed out and no contractions were coming, then it is probably ok not to go in yet. He also recommended to go for a walk taking one step on the sidewalk and one step off. My water continued to leak for the rest of the night. I went to bed. At around 3am I woke with a bit of pain. We decided we better go. We actually didn't get to the hospital until about 4:30 am.

You know, it's a weird feeling laying there in the hospital bed realizing there is no turning back and knowing EXACTLY what kind of pain you are going to start to feel. Whenever the nurses left I started to freak out vocally to Bret. I decided I didn't want to do this again, what am I, CRAZY!!? He told me later he considered telling me it was too late, but (wisely) declined that though.

Anyway, luckily it was fast. Contractions got hard and I progressed RAPIDLY. I pushed for under 10 min. and Landon was born at 6am. It was the fastest, easiest and best birth yet! And he was 10 lbs! I pray sometimes that they won't get any bigger though. I could definitely feel this boy was a big one as I pushed. The nurses were joking(I'm assuming) to me that if I wanted to have any more I better take up smoking! The dr. told them that I did great and I can handle big babies.

Landon lost a few oz after a few days, but by his 2 week checkup he had exceeded his birth weight. He loved to nurse. At about 2 weeks he started to get really colicky. I talked to my aunt who knows a lot about health and herbs and whom I have turned to for help before and she ALWAYS has been right on and helped me with whatever the problem was. She suggested going off of all fructose. So I did. I think it took a while to get everything out of his system, but after a while he was a different baby! I went off of all sweet things for around 3 months. Now, I am eating some organic sugar and a little bit of food that has regular sugar in it(like some bread), and just made caramel apples with honey(they were SO good). I don't know how long this will last, but I definitely have benefited from it. I rarely really crave candy, and usually don't crave deserts-unless they are sitting right in front of me...which happens frequently. Because I completely went off of it, we have not eaten out hardly at all. Yesterday I took the kids to McDonald's with a friend and her kids. I had a hamburger and it gave me a terrible headache. I came home and ate some carrots and the headache went away. It might not have been related, but it MIGHT have.
So I'm sticking with this no-sugar thing for a while longer. Either way, I feel good. Best of all Landon feels good.

Anyway Landon is a great baby. He is the spitting image of Kade in every way. His temperament as a baby matches Kade's whereas Maggie was a bit different than both of them. She was extremely laid back as a baby(go figure, she is somewhat of a fire cracker now!). There is one thing though that Landon does that I have never seen another baby have so much of. He laughs and smiles. He LOVES to laugh and smiles SO easily. I just cannot believe how easy he laughs sometimes. (It's not all the time, but a lot of the time). I absolutely love it. He is such a sweet baby and I am enjoying him so much. We are so blessed to have him in our family. We all love him and enjoy him.

Landon has continued to be either off the charts or right close to being off the charts. He is now 5 1/2 months old,and I can hardly handle how fast the time is going. 2 weeks ago he weighed 21 lbs 10 oz. 7 lbs lighter than Maggie! 14 lbs lighter than Kade! Funny. Landon is dying to move! He wants so bad to get up and crawl away to play with Kade and Maggie. He just sits and watches them and acts like he wants to be involved. One day they were being silly and laughing a lot at each other for no reason. Landon couldn't take it any more he started laughing and laughing too! It was really funny. Landon loves to look. He loves to look at everything. I think he will be like Kade, who often, when we go out, is too distracted by watching other people and things to do anything else. A little while ago we went somewhere and Kade asked me if I liked so-and-so's shirt (it was a little friend of his who had a picture on her shirt). I hadn't even noticed the shirt let alone remembered it! He is really observant.

Maggie and Kade are great. They are best friends and play so well together(with a fair amount of fighting). They are great at playing make believe and often I just sit and watch and listen. It's fun. Like I said, Maggie is a fire cracker, but she can also be so kind and thoughtful. She is her own person and a strong one too. Bret and I have come to the conclusion that she gets this strong attitude not from either of us(we were both quiet and shy youngsters), but from my mom. (: We love the way she is even though we don't know what to do with her sometimes! She is so cute that we can't stay mad at her for long when it happens that we are mad at her. She loves to make friends but sometimes likes to pretend like she is shy. Often she says she needs to go see her friends. On Halloween we didn't go trick or treating and didn't hand out candy(because it was on Sunday) so we shut our blinds. This was too hard for Maggie. She kept going to the window and moving the blinds so she could see the trick or treaters. This made the whole evening a bit awkward. She said she NEEDED to see her friends.

And yes, she still LOVES any kind of baby. Especially ones that have pink anywhere on them.

Kade is an accomplished 4-year old now. He had a birthday at the beginning of October. He decided he wanted an ABC birthday party. We had balloons with a letter on them all over the house. We had alphabet soup for lunch. We played a game that was like musical chairs except they were walking on paper plates with a letter on them and when the music stopped they said the letter they were standing on and a word it started with. He got Bakugan and lots of art stuff. His friends must have known that he likes to draw and color. He is really good at drawing, writing and coloring. When I was writing the letters on the plates for the game he was sitting beside me and would look at the letter I wrote and would write it himself. With some of the letters I would say, "ok, this is a little hard to write, so when I get done writing it I'll let you look at it." I would get done and look at him and he would have the letter written and would say, "that's an easy one." He did have a hard time with the s and a couple other ones, but he wrote them until they looked sort of like mine. I was pretty impressed.

Kade is a sweet boy. He is my tender-hearted child and I love that about him. Sometimes his tender-heartedness can go over the top a bit, but he usually is a pretty level boy at home. He is SO good with Landon. I quite often ask him to entertain Landon while I do something and he ALWAYS does. He talks to Landon and tries to get him to laugh. He really loves Landon and Landon loves Kade. Landon knows that when Kade is around there is a chance to laugh. Kade is a great help around the house too. He is most the time a willing and focused helper.

I am in a preschool group with 2 other moms in my ward. It is going great and the kids love it. Maggie is in it because another girl her age is in it and they do pretty well. Kade is learning a lot and loves every second of it. He is really into learning lately and thinks it is so fun. I am glad about this, hopefully it will stick with him! (: We take turns teaching one week out of every three. It is pretty fun, we just choose a theme for the week and fit it to the letter and shape of the week that we pre-decided on.

Bret is busy too. He usually sees us a little for dinner and then gets to his homework. But it goes up and down, sometimes he has more time to spend with us. A lot of times, it's just me and the kids. I do pretty-much everything around the house so that when he has free time he can spend it with the family. He does help out when he has extra time and he gives me great back massages. If you know me, I am a sucker for a back massage. I would always beg my Mom and Dad for massages when I was younger. When I got married my Dad told Bret that he was off the hook and that the job was all Bret's now. Bret has done pretty good. He told me the other day that whenever I am mad at him he just needs to give me a good back rub and it usually does the trick. Anyway... Bret is getting ready to start studying for the MA exams in April. I personally am NOT excited for those, having gone through them(well, Bret actually did it) and a theses in MT. They are annoying and I HOPE he passes(it isn't uncommon that people don't the 1st time). I'm not worried he won't though. Bret is amazing. He is really getting good at managing his time wisely, which saves a TON of stress. He really works hard. He works hard not only to do well, but also so that he can have some time with us, and he does a great job. He is getting really good at not wasting time doing unimportant things. Not that those are all bad, but while he is SO busy and has next to no time for anything, it's just nice that he tries to make any extra time-time with us.

I am involved in a book club. We meet once a month at the person's house who chose the 2 short books we read. This month it was my turn. I chose "Man's search for meaning" and "Night." I've read both a long time ago, but reread them both to be refreshed. This book club has been a fun thing for me.

So, life is crazy. And busy. And fun. And we are so blessed. And we love each other. We are definitely NOT perfect and we don't have a perfect life, but we try to do our best. We try to be good parents and friends and try to do what's right. Because, as I say to Kade and Maggie, when we try to do whats right, we are happy.

So I have a bunch of photos to post, but I think I will try to get to that in another day...soon.


Swensen Family said...

Oh it was so good to have an update! I've been wondering what you've been up to and then I remind myself that 3 kids keep you busy. I sure do miss you guys. What are your plans for the Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Yay! I'm glad you are back to blogging! It was so fun to read everything. Kade and Maggie and Landon all sound so fun and sweet and smart! I'm glad you are hanging in there with Bret being busy too! We miss you guys and I hope we can all get together sometime...!

Melissa B said...

glad to see you are coming back to weblife. I get into funks where I don't want to post. Or I have nothing interesting to talk about. Which is more often than not. Hang in there with the school thing. It does end one day. We got our first paycheck the other day. Its wonderful to make money again. And all that hard work is worth it. Some people have it too easy and they marry someone well off right away. No struggles. But that's what makes people humble and kind and grateful.

Courtney said...

Thanks for the update. OUr lives are a little similar- my husband is in school and works a ton too and I am alone with the 2 kids most of the time. It's hard and I know how you feel!
I also can't believe how big Landon is, that is how much my 2 1/2 year old weighs! lol
I'm glad you are back to blogging!

Ashley Wray said...

You are back! thanks for the update, it certainly sounds like you are one busy mama :) Can't wait to see some pictures of you r cute kiddos!

Anonymous said...

holy cow.. no sugar? how do you make it through the days? sugar is my friend! way to go Megan! you sound like the perfect mama... real, loving and smart! =) let me know if you're ever in Utah or MT!

Sarah said...

So fun to read your update. It was so real and just good to know how you are all doing. I have not been blogging much either. Oh well. Anyway, my camera is a Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS. We like.

Shelbi said...

I don't know where some people can post every day or even 3X a week. I just can't and 3 kids...please like they even care about blogs? LOL

Sounds like your pretty lucky Bret if megan is as tuff as she sounds :) It's HARD work to stay at home with the babies!!

Good luck with school and I hope Your family is Holding in there!!

Megan did you go all natural with Landon? it kind of sounded like it but, I assumed you would have said that :) ( Im a natural birth supporter! ) Congrats on baby Landon!

Shannon said...

Hey, you got to start somewhere, right? Love the update and learning what's going on with y'all. 10 lbs... that's crazy!

Jenny said...

Loved reading this! I'm so glad that you're back!