Friday, July 2, 2010

It's a crazy life

We are still alive. Here are some things we have been doing.

Left Indiana,

Stayed in THE MOST Ghetto hotel I've ever seen. Poor Kade had to sleep on the floor.

Drove to Salt Lake and stayed with cousins and saw my old roommate Cathy. Went to Idaho and then to Bret's mom's family side reunion.

Witnessed a car accident

Once Kade said: I'm feeling a little whiny. I told him I agreed.

Went to Grandma and Grandpa Linfords

Went to Linford family reunion in Island Park Idaho, then back to G&G Linfords

Saw a moose

Stayed a night at Mckay and Katie's then got sick

Went canoeing

Rode on a bike trail.

Saw Landon smile

Went on picnics

Played with family all day long

Went to a hot spring

Celebrated Maggie's 2nd Birthday!!! She is such a funny girl with attitude. She sang happy b-day to me all day long to herself and got mad when Kade said it was his birthday. We have really enjoyed our wonderful beautiful girl for these last 2 years!

Drove to Montana and have been here for 2 days

We are planning on doing some more fun things while here, stay tuned.


The kids are so tired of the car to say the least. I am sick of the car to say the least.
But we are having a ton of fun and it is going by WAY too fast.
Landon was pretty fussy when we left so I went off of all sugar and he is a lot happier of a baby. I am glad it is seeming to help with that but MAN it's been hard! He is a lovable boy and is growing so fast and we are so glad he is in our family. We are still adjusting to 3 kids and are finding it is as hard as they say...maybe harder. Anyway, I'll post some pics later.


Megs said...

Sounds like fun and crazy all at the same time!! Good job sacrificing sugar for your baby, I don't think I could do it!!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

You guys have been busy! You are so good to be doing all this with such a little baby! Have fun at your parent's house, hopefully we'll be able to see you there.

Jess said...

Wow, I am impressed. I can't even think of doing a tenth of that now that I have three. I would lose it :) Glad to hear you are doing well even though you get to drive so many hours on end :) Are you just going off of anything with added sugar? How did you decide to do that, or where did you hear that it would help? I think Clara has a dairy allergy, so I'm trying to go off dairy, and it's not too fun. It's in everything. Crossing my fingers that she doesn't have a soy allergy. Because thats REALLY in everything. Anyway :) sounds like you are doing great and adjusting to three better than you think you are :)

Jenny said...

Wow. You have been sooo busy. It's always great to visit with family tho

Sarah said...

aw yes. Crazy life. I am glad you are having fun visiting family though. I can't believe you've been in the car that much! WOW!

Jedda said...

Miss seeing you guys; can't wait to see Landon's smile.