Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An old post that wasn't posted

We have been having a few fun things go on here. First we had Easter with cousins and that was a lot of fun. Here are photos of that:

Then Aunt Mar-Mar came and we all LOVE that. Kade wants to do everything she does and doesn't want anything she doesn't want. It has been so nice having her especially with Bret so busy and close to the end of the semester.

We went swimming at a highschool here-Kade loved it and had a lot of fun. Maggie did too, but she got pretty cold.

The other night Bret and I had our last married student institute class which was a picnic that we could bring our kids to. So Maren stayed and we went. On the drive home Kade was sad about his bean in a cup that he got from Sunbeams because it fell over and some of the dirt fell out. It looked pretty sad. Maren picked it up and tried to save it, but Kade was really worried that it would die. He also was worried what Maren would eat while we went to the picnic. He kept asking what she was going to eat and why she couldn't eat what we were having. I finally just told him we would have to say a prayer about his bean. Right then he said, "Ok, I'll say it" and went on to say this really long prayer about his bean and how it would not die. He also prayed about Maren and how he was thankful she could make a sandwich at home because she couldn't have what we were having. It was really cute.

Maggie is funny too. Usually when she gets in trouble she know it and always runs to this certain spot to hide (Even though it's not hidden). She thinks she can get away from us there. Here she is thinking she's safe: