Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 Weeks Later...

We have our car back finally! Those 3 weeks were annoooooying! See our happy car...behind our happy kid:

Oh I love our car. We can go places when we want to! Thankfully we have Bret's sister close to us who came out here with their family twice to let us use their car. We got to celebrate my b-day by going out to eat (with their car). Bret also wrote me a poem for my b-day. It was great. I tell him I always love getting poems and he said that is my Dads' fault. My dad has written a lot of poems over the years, plenty for my mom. I think it's pretty sweet. I also decided to try and make myself some sour cream panna cotta which turned out pretty good.
So we are feeling better and things are going good! I can't believe I am 6 months along already-although I feel like I am 8 months). Just under 3 months and this mystery baby will be here!
I'd like to talk about the kids for a minute. Kade is a fun boy and is quite the jabber mouth. He loves to do his "preschool" and is a great learner. He loves his playgroup buddies and could play pretend with them all day long. He plays pretend a lot lately. He LOVES LOVES to say the prayer. He says every prayer at our house lately. By himself. We figure this probably won't last so we let him whenever he wants to. Maggie thinks she helps say the prayer too and tries to fold her arms and close her eyes. Whenever Kade pauses she whispers to him to say: (thankful) for Mama, Dada, Mine (Maggie), Kade. It is really cute! Maggie asks us what we are doing a lot. Except she never fails to say it like this: What doing HOW? Always in the same tone. She loves when the boys playgroup is here. She jumps right in with them and thinks they are including her too (which they don't often). She is growing up way too fast and says a TON of words now. She pops them out all the time that I can hardly keep up with her. Either that or I don't quite understand what she is trying to say! Maggie has a more defiant personality than Kade. Although if I give her some time to consider the things I ask her she usually says 'K' and gives in. But oh man she has personality! Though no matter how frustrating she can be it is impossible to stay mad at her because she is such a love bug. Not to mention she is really really cute. Right now we are trying to help her understand that no does not mean yes. She says no to everything even when I KNOW she is meaning yes at times. Funny girl. Her and Kade have a lot of fun together. They play really well together now. They are great at bugging each other too.
As for Bret, things are going WAY better this semester. He Presented his thesis from his Masters at the beginning of this semester. It went really good and the professors here told him he did great and they were impressed. He is a lot more organized this semester which helps in every aspect. He is able to feel more relaxed and able to spend more time with us. We all love seeing him more. He is such a good dad to the kids. He really knows how to play with them well.

Oh, here is one more pic of the other happy kid:


Burnhams said...

glad you are feeling better! And that you got your car back! YAY. Kaliya has the same defiant personality. totally different than Cardon.

And yes, we are back private :)

Swensen Family said...

So glad you have your car back, and I hope you had a great birthday! I love hearing things about your kids because it helps me get to know them and their personalities better...now that we live so far away!

Ashley Wray said...

Happy late birthday, glad you got to celebrate even if you were car-less :) You're kids are getting so big and so adorable! I can't believe you'll have another one here soon and that you don't know what you're having! I don't know if i'll be able to handle the suspense :)
Glad things are going well, thanks for the update!

Luke and Lacee said...

Wow that's a long time to not have a car, glad you have it back!! Really you are going to be a family of 5 in just 3 months! Your pregnancy has gone by so fast for me! Ha!

The Daniel Gray Fam said...

Life without a car-sucky! I see that happening in the future, but will keep my fingers crossed! Hopefully we will have our second vehicle before that happens. Only three more months-yay! Kids are cute as always. And it sounds like little Maggie talks more than my Luke. I am jealous! I sat down with him for 30 minutes trying to get him to repeat what I say. He only does it if he wants to and I know he can!

Melissa said...

Glad your car is back and feeling better! Happy belated birhday Megan! I am so glad you had a good one.
I totally hear ya on the ALWAYS saying no, even when they mean yes. Our little girlie will say "ya" occasionally but not necessarily when I need her to. So frustrating. Thanks for helping me out so much too. I really appreciate hearing from you.