Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas update

Well, yesterday we took down all of our decorations. We got some good decor for next year on clearance so I am excited to have a little more than what we had this year. We were a little sparse/lacking on some good decor. Our house feels empty now-probably because we don't have much REGULAR decor....hmmm.

Christmas was GREAT! It was actually so fun! Christmas Eve we went to the Indianapolis children's museum with Bret's sister Carrie and Family. We were planning on having dinner with them afterwards. It was a free day at the museum so it was SO SO packed it was annoying. Other than that It was the most awesome childrens museum I've ever seen. It had 4 levels of EVERYTHING possible. We are definately going back (actually we are planning on going again next week before we go again to Carrie's house for cousin Seth's b-day party. Kade and Maggie loved it. Dinner was great and we had a lot of fun with cousins. Christmas morning was spent here and it was super fun seeing Kade get so excited about it and also watching Maggie scream "BABY, BABY" everytime she opened a present (that's pretty-much all she got. She is obsessed with anything that is stuffed and resembles a small baby). That evening we went to a ward member's house with another family and had some more great food and played games. It was fun.

The break has been so fun for us. We have planned a lot to do and have been busy enough. It's so nice having Bret around! I will be sad when the semester starts. We have just grown too use to him being here all the time!

New Years we went over to another ward family member house and had a blast. They cooked great food- and we loved it all. One more week of no school!


The Museum

Getting into the stockings
Look at that face!

Maggie in all her new things-doing a little hip dance

And the ward Christmas Pics with Santa