Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 Years Old

Kade turned 3 yesterday. He had his friend Beckham and Nora over for a little party. They made trains out of beans and noodles and played pin the wheel on the train, ate cake and opened presents. Kade loved it. He has been talking about his birthday for about a week straight now. We gave him a tricycle that he rode through our small living room and dining room about a million times. He wanted to go outside so bad, but it has been raining, POURING, for a few days straight. I have been loving it. I figure if we were in MT we would have to be inside anyway because it would be snowing and/or cold, so I don't mind the really hard rain at all. There have been a few flash flood warnings in IN, not here though. But I guess downtown Bloomington was car-deep in water last year...
Anyway, we had to tell Kade we would wake up this morning and go ride his bike when the sun was shining. So he went to bed SO late last night and didn't get a nap, therefore I was expecting him to sleep in. NOPE. He woke up way early and marched into our bedroom and announced he was ready to ride his bike. Bret told him to get his blanket and lay on our floor because it was still dark outside. He did get the chance at riding it later though, and loved it. He is really good at it too!

Excited about presents

Mag-watching the festivities

Finally-he gets to ride outside!

I love Kade. He is so special and ads so much to our home. Kade is a very unique person. He has always been very aware of things around him, so aware that it takes him a while to get comfortable with new situations. Bret and I have always planned on having kids that were reserved because we ourselves were very reserved little kids, but still it was a little tough to handle at times. Over these 3 short years though, I have actually realized that I love the way he is and I am thankful for his personality. Maybe it was having another kid who is pretty close to the exact opposite of him that made me think about how nice it is to have such a personality as Kade. I hope that doesn't sound bad, but It really has made me thankful for Kade. I am SO thankful for Maggie at the same time, and would not change her personality one bit. Kade suprises me at how aware he is. When we go somewhere and come back home he will talk about things that people were wearing or things they had that I did not even pay any attention to. He can sit for a LONG time playing with something or drawing a picture. At nursery the leaders tell me he always sits so good during the lesson and singing time and pays really good attention. Even at his party, he outlasted the other 2 kids with putting his train together, wanted to play pin the wheel the longest, and stayed eating his cake when everyone else was done or ran off to play. It made me laugh. What a weirdo, but I like it. He just has a slower pace of life I suppose! (of course he is not always like this, but it does amaze me when he is :)
He is a good boy, but like most his age, the AGE has much to do with the hardships that we have throughout the day! Man it is tough! Does anybody else think that 3 is a hard age?
Anyway, I forgot to get a photo of the cake I made! It was the first cake I really tried to decorate. Well, it was cool, it was a choo choo train and Kade loved it.

Here are some funny instances with Kade.

Me: Kade, let Maggie see her book, you are blocking it with your book.
Me: Kade, you need to listen to mom.
Kade: I'm your mom
Me:I'm pretty sure I'm mom
Kade: No I'm mom
Me: Well then where is Kade?
KAde: he went up in the stars
ME: And who am I
Kade: Joseph Smith
I was getting okra in the kitchen and called out, "Who wants okra?" Kade answered back and said, "I want some oh-crap." I tried to tell him the correct way to say it, but he thought he was saying it right that way.
Kade was staring at Bret's nose and said "Is that not an owie dad?" Bret said, "I don't have and owie" Kade, "Oh, it's just a boogie then."

Oh! I forgot-Kade has been potty training for about 3 weeks and has been awesome at it! It suprised me so much and I am so happy with the way things are going! I'm so happy about it, I can't say it enough. I'm glad we waited until he was completely ready and settled here.

Maggie ALWAYS has to go in and sit with him.

Oh, and if you notice we have 2 potty chairs-the one maggie is sitting on is from walmart(safety 1st brand)-I would NOT reccomend buying it. It is horrible, Kade leaked through everytime, it was as if he peed on the floor. He still didn't like getting on the big potty then, so we went and got the $10 (ish) frog one which works a ton better and is an easy clean up job. So now we use the other one as just a stool.


The Daniel Gray Fam said...

Oh crap that is the one we bought at walmart for LUke! I guess we should see if we can return it. Kade is 3 already. Crazy how fast it goes! They are both so big and so cute!

Burnhams said...

Happy birthday Kade! I can't believe how big maggie has gotten! look at her standing! wow! That is too bad that saftey first potty does not work. they much have changed something when they changed the outside. we have never had a problem with ours. at least you can use it as a stool now.
and can you change my link to my new website? (and change the name too?)
thanks! Miss you guys!

Matt and Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! Can you believe that our boys are 3?! Love all the stories. Boys are the best.

Scranners said...

Happy Birthday Kade! Those conversations with him are too funny.

Summer said...

WOw 3 years already!! And yes, two was a breeze compared to age three, so I know how you feel. Stick with it, though, four is so much better and more fun.

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Kade! I thougth of him on Friday. We agree with the age of 3. Nathan says that a 3 year old is a 2 year old with a year of experience. I hope it starts getting better for you guys! Yeah that he is potty trained. We had a horrible experience with Jonathan.

Swensen Family said...

HappY Birthday Kade!!! 3 already, I can still remember a lot about the day that you went to the hospital and how we were all just waiting around to hear the news that he had come! Now he is all Potty trained... that is great and I am sure you are loving having one in diapers again!! Wish we could have been there to help celebrate!!!

Meikjn said...

so funny. I love the stories I am sad to be so far from family, but I guess you guys are in the same boat. good luck potty training tends to linger, even when it goes well. three is hard. it sort of gets better.... then the next one gets older.

Jenny said...

Wow. Growing up so fast. Kate has the same frog seat and you're right, way easier than Todd's old one.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Happy birthday Kade! Kason sure had fun with him in MT. Glad the potty training is going well - that is exciting!! Fun to hear those stories about him too. You have such a good attitude about the rain - I am going to try to this winter too. Glad things are going well.

Sarah said...

Boy, they sure grow up fast! I remember when he was a teeny itty bitty baby. He sure is a funny little boy. Thanks for sharing him with us.

Jinny and Mick said...

That was a funny post-kids are just so hilarious! And why is it that the later they go to bed the earlier they wake up?? Does that make sense to anyone???? And they don't seem to forget anything that you say, either! They look so cute, I'm glad potty training is going good for you-it was a nightmare with Boston. I've decided to wait a little bit longer for Dakota and hope that she magically figures it out-but she always had to sit in the bathroom with him while he went, too!

Ward Family said...

Happy birthday!!!! Kade is getting so big I can"t believe it. We got teegan a bike to they are fun to watch.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Kade! I can't believe he is 3. And Maggie is growing up a ton too. It sounds like you threw a screamin bday party. I need your tips for when it comes time for Cecilia. Love that he is potty trained. Nice work. We sure do miss you guys. Glad you are doing well in IN.

Summer said...

i loved your conversation with him. That was so funny that he said you were Joseph Smith. Kids are a riot!