Friday, August 28, 2009

INDIANA...and then some

Well we are here. I hate doing long updates, but if I don't get on top of this blogging thing, it's going to continue to happen. So sorry.

The 3 day road trip went pretty good considering I was PLANNING on it being horrible. It totally whacked up the kids sleeping and we were all dead tired by the time we got here. So it actually helped adjust to the 2 hour difference in time. I brought TONS of surprise bags for the kids and Bret made, with his own two hands (and my dad's tools), 2 amazing travel desks custom made for each car seat. I couldn't have found anything better in a store and they worked GREAT, especially for eating in the car. I will have to post a pic because I love them.
It was also Bret's b-day on the road-yeah, some b-day. We did celebrate it a couple days before we left though, so it turned out good.

I love our townhouse. It is amazing. It has so much space and the 2 story is wonderful. There is a lot of pantry space in the kitchen and a little dining area apart from the living room. That's something that we haven't had before because the apt.'s before were meshed with the living room.

The ward here is really nice. The complex we live in has a large portion of our ward in it and they seem to be very interactive-which helps with adjusting to a new place. We already have a kid swap going with 2 other mom's and boys around Kade's age once a week. We just take turns having all 3 boys at our house for a few hours.

Kade has always been a wonderful sleeper. He adjusts SO quickly that I have come to really rely on it. So when he started having troubles sleeping last week, it was really hard for me to handle. One night he was awake freaking out (like really freaking out) for 3 hours in the middle of the night. But, things are going better and he is sleeping through the night again. Sometimes I have to hold his hand until he falls asleep, but we just barely figured out that he wants the door open and the night light on. Weird, I guess some little kids get to a point where they all of a sudden decide they are afraid of the dark.

Then after that Maggie decided to wake up extremely early for a week and a half. She just slept in this morning and it felt like heaven. This is actually the first day since we got here that I feel pretty rested!

Kids are funny though, a lot of the time it goes like this: Kade does great, no problems and Maggie is having a hard time. Maggie does great, and Kade has problems. Will they ever both go through the good times together?!! (but if that means they have to have problems at the same time, I'm not sure it would be worth it)

Anyway, here are a ton of photos of before we left Montana and after:

Payton, Kade and Kason-SO much fun together!

Kade on the zip-line and Bret and the kids on the 4-wheeler-we HAD to have 4-wheeler rides everyday. They loved them so much it was the perfect bribe!

At the cabin:

The hike

Litte Susie came and saw me before we left for Indiana! It was so good to see her.

Mckenzie and Maggie

A parade! Slip-n-slide fun

This is what we moved all our things in. Bret built it all by himself! (he built it on top of the already made flatbed trailor) He really got into the wood working while we were there!

Bret's b-day party. Kade "helping" with blowing the candles out and opening the presents.


No pictures of our home yet, but we walked around campus which is HUGE

In the middle of it we realized we were in a hotel!

They have a ton of really fun parks, but this park is about the coolest I've ever seen. It is gigantic!

Bret's sister Carrie and family live within an hour and a half so we have gone there a few times. They have 4 young kids and Kade loves playing with them.

That's all for now!