Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Fun

We spent most of last week at the cabin. It was pretty fun. We forgot our camera though. We saw a moose too! It was a mama moose and (we found out later) it had a baby back in the trees where we couldn't see at the time. It was really cool. We sat there and watched it from the truck for quite a while. We came back here and lit fireworks in our yard. Oli and Levi put on a good show for My parent's, cousin Avery and us. It was nice and relaxing...except for the part when Levi decided to go a little too creative. He had put 4 big artillery shell fireworks(the really big ones that are pretty in the sky) in a circle and slanted them all together so he could twist the fuses together to have them go off at the same time. We were all nervous and my dad put a cooler in front of them to block us. He lit it and it didn't go as he planned-go figure. It bounced off the house and landed right behind some of us and we all scrambled. It all happened in matter of seconds. Oli started running away but tripped and Avery trampled over him and tripped. Bret got up and out of his chair and I sort of dove out over my mom onto the grass. I was sure we were all dead. My parents stayed in their chairs and just laughed at us. It was pretty funny-AFTERWARDS.

Swimming in the little pool

I just remembered: This morning Oli found Maggie with a big, live beetle squirming to get out of her hand and she was about to eat it! She is a crazy girl!