Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time Out For A Post!

One word warning- LONG

Wow, I have not blogged for such a long time! And honestly, I don't know if I ever would if I didn't push myself to do it now. There is just so much it's too overwhelming to me. Ever since we left Missoula, it has been pretty busy. After Bret Graduated we did all the fun things that we had been dying to do but couldn't because he was so busy. It was a lot of fun. Here's a few photo's of that:
Went to the Carousel
Went to the spray park a few times
Fed Maggie to the big cow on the road to my parents that Bret has always wanted to stop at.
Took some good naps. I peeked in on her and this is how I found her asleep. Who knows how she wedged her foot in there!
Hiked 'M' Mountain...well, we didn't exactly make it to the top with our 2 tired kids.
Went swimming
Kade went down this slide oooh, about a million times. He had the look of pure joy on his face.
And went to my dad's family cabin!
The cabin is near Georgetown Lake
Yummy toasted marshmallows!!

Then we came home to my brother Levi's graduation:

After that we went back to Missoula and loaded up our stuff and moved to Fairfield.
We got to spend a little time with Aunt Mar-Mar while here. Kade loved that. She is so good with kids.

Then we went to My in-laws and stayed there for almost a week. Bret's 3 sister's Carrie and Teresa and their families, and Shelly all came too. Bret's parent's had some fun things planned for us to do so we had A LOT of fun.
We went on a river bike trail and had a picnic
Cousins! Katie loved Kade-she was his self designated friend/guardian. He LOVED the attention and loved all the little kids to play with!
Maggie got her fair share of attention too!
Went on the canoe
And a hot spring!

MAGGIE TURNED 1!!!! I cannot believe it! That year just flew by and I am sad-but I felt like I enjoyed it pretty well, so that is good. She is such a good little girl and has such a fun personality. It's funny how different your own kids can be. I love them both. Maggie has a more outgoing personality and is not afraid to go to strangers usually. She never went through a stranger anxiety stage. She-like Kade-is a jabber mouth. Although her tone is more bossy...hmmm (: Maggie is a go girl, she does NOT like being left behind! I could go on, but I will just say that she is such a joy in her families lives and we love her so much! She got spoiled and had one party at G&G Linfords and one at G&G Swensens.
This was SO cute-her Bertolio cousins made her a birthday sign!

When we got back to Fairfield Bret, Kade, My dad and 2 brothers all took of camping for the father/son outing. Me and my mom were jealous!

Now we are back in Fairfield and preparing for some more fun before we move to Indiana-only a little less than 6 weeks!


Kade the Cute Cowboy

Riding on the tractor with Grandpa

Having fun in the hammock

That's all...finally!