Saturday, May 9, 2009

Month Recap

Here is an update of our last month:

About 4 weeks ago, we celebrated Easter-here are some photos of ONE(went to 3!) of the egg hunt we went to:
This one is on campus. I am trying to enjoy all the beautiful mountains around us before we move!

Buddy Teegan-Kade is squinting because of the sun...He does that every time he is outside-even if the sun isn't that bright. Look at all that Candy behind them. Too bad there were more than a few crazy parents who literally threw themselves on the ground to grab as much as they could. I thought it was a bit ridiculous.

The next day, Aunt Mar-Mar came to stay with us for a week! My sister Maren is probably one of Kade's most favorite people in the world. Although sometimes they but heads (which is kind of funny to see), they have so much fun with each other. I really enjoyed having Maren here-especially during the time when we hardly saw Bret. He was working on his thesis. It was SO nice to have another adult to go places with and HELP with the kids-man was she a BIG help!

At the end of THAT week we went to FAIRFIELD to spend a week. We had a ton of fun! Kade got to ride the 4-wheelers and play with cousin PAYTON! He had a lot of fun with Payton. It snowed while we were there, so outdoor play got canceled for most of the trip.

At the end of THAT week, Bret came and on Sat. we went to Cousin Jens' funeral in the morning, and then Cousin (on the other side of the fam) Jarom's reception in the evening. It was a busy weekend full of cooking and craziness and attending those two things on the same day was...bittersweet. It was a wonderful funeral. Jens had planned it all out himself! (He had cancer) It REALLY was a good funeral. And Thank goodness for the Gospel! Through it, we are blessed with the knowledge that we can be forever families!

1 week ago, we went to Couer de Alene to see our new Nephew Ethan's baby blessing. Kade got to have MORE fun playing with cousins Ben and Zach. He loved it. Bret and I were able to go to the Temple while there which was SO nice.

Grandma and Grandpa Linford-Kade also had a lot of fun playing with Grandma!

I liked this pic

Bath Time!

Kade and Ben

All the boys crowding Maggie

We came back ready to relax and actually start to think about packing because in June we are moving to Fairfield before we go to Indiana...but we got sick. UGH! That's all I have to say about it.

Here is Bret messing with our kids hair. He likes to think that Maggie and Kade both need a buzz. I keep telling him that Kade would look bald and Maggie is a girl, it's OK to let her hair GROW. He did get at Kade's hair somewhat though, and only got to "style" Maggie's hair.


Lindsey and Isaac said...

Fun pictures! Kade and Maggie are both SO cute. They look SO much older than when we saw you guys last! We need to all see each other! Sounds like a fun and busy month. Hope the packing is going well :)You look great with your dark hair too!

Darcy said...

Cute pics! I love the one with the kids in the bathtub. I believe those songs that we are talking about are called "power tunes?" Yah good memories.

Swensen Family said...

Lots of fun times!! It was great to see you guys again...hopefully we can get together again this summer, our kids sure got along great this time!

Ashley Wray said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like you've been busy. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Was he at BYUI the same time we were because I'm thinking I met him a few times. Anyways, have "fun" packing and good luck!

Sarah said...

I love these photos. They are great. Glad you guys have had a fun Easter, etc. Maggie is adorable.

Jenny said...

lol LOVE that last pic so much! Good luck with packing!

Jinny and Mick said...

All the pics were so cute, sounds like you've been busy. I'm sure it was nice to see all your guys' family. That is exciting you'll be at home for the summer! Hopefully we'll be there for a few weeks, so we'll have to get together! (Oh, that song is called A Child's Credo by Greg Gilpin:)