Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Kade

Kade’s funny moments: (these are on here because I want to remember them)

When Kade and I were driving in the car the other day, we stopped at a stop light and were just sitting there. I said to him, “Hi Kade.” He said I don’t wanna say Hi Kade, I wanna say, say hi Kaderman. So I said, “Oh, ok, Hi Kaderman" and he said hi back.

One morning Bret was up with the kids and while Kade and Bret were eating breakfast, Maggie was in her high chair playing with toys. Kade looked at Maggie and said “Oh, Maggie awake.” Bret replied, “Yep, Maggie’s awake.” Then Kade said, “Poor Maggie.”

“Don’t spash mine, don’t splash mine” When Bret was splashing Kade in the bathtub.

When we were at Bret’s parent’s house Kade and Maggie slept in the same room with us. We put a blanket over the top of Kade’s crib so he wouldn’t know I was in there nursing Maggie and putting her to sleep. He said a bunch of funny things while he laid there thinking he was alone. One time in particular he yelled out “I…lub….FOOOOOD!”

We went to play group yesterday in the gym of the stake center. Most the time Kade is a little intimidated and distracted by the swarm of kids running wild throughout the gym. He gets quite clingy to me and at times exasperatingly whiny. Other times he is a mini-zombie, engrossed in gawking at the energetic kids. SOMETIMES he does get into it though, and has a blast. Yesterday was one of those days. He had found a ball and was running around with it and throwing it and laughing. He ran back to where I was sitting and yelled to me, “MOM, I YIKE IT!!!” and then continued on.


Liz said...

Ah, the fun perks of being a mom...the car-ride moments, when they don't know your there...way to write them down so you can remember them! He's pretty darn cute!!!

Lindsey and Isaac said...

So funny! I wish we lived closer! It is so contagious for me to call him Kader. When we were at your house it just seemed to slip out that way. I especially love the "I lub Food" comment.

Swensen Family said...

Kade is a little character!! I liked the Kaderman one. It is so fun to watch kids grow into such funny little individuals! Whenever my kids do cute things I always tell myself to write that down so I don't forget...Good for you to act upon that!

Sarah said...

OH how funny! I love to hear what kdis say. Thanks for posting. Sorry you had... 2-year old moments the other day. Hope today is better. Happy v-day!

Jinny and Mick said...

Kids are so stinking funny, and I'm like you if I don't write down what they say, I forget it! He cracks me up. I love that age where they are learning things and they say things that are just absolutely hilarious.

Whitney and David said...

haha.... thanks for the laugh. Kade is so cute. I think i have yelled i love food a couple of times while i was laying in bed as well.