Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Vacation

We went to my parent's house for the week. It went by too fast. We had a great time and Kade absolutely loved it. When I say love it-I mean that he was so hyper happy about being there he woke up at 5:15-6:00 am practically the whole time we were there. He woke up ready to play. It wasn't really a problem for Bret and I actually. Kade slept in a different part of the house in the same room as Oli and when he woke up so early Oli gave him to my parents who then layed with him until they were sure he would never stop talking until they got up. I was glad it was them and not me. Thanks! He was so loud and happy the whole time. It was great to see him loving it there and having so much fun with Levi, Oli, Maren, and my parents. My cousin Avery was there also and he warmed up to her by the end of the visit.

Levi and my Dad were chopping wood and Kade went outside and helped out. He is afraid of their dog and wouldn't leave my dad's lap for a while, but my dad made him get down after a while and help. He was funny to watch.

Kade got to ride on a horse while we were there and he was more brave than I thought he would be! He liked it! We took a pic of it on Maren's camera and I have yet to get it from her...

We were trying to get Levi to smile without being a goon. I don't believe he knows how. Kade got TONS of rides on the 4-wheeler. He loved that too. He would laugh and yell the whole ride.
Maggie made a new friend-cousin Avery!This girl likes her feet! It's funny how flexible babies are. She can even suck on them if she tries hard enough.

This is my parents right before their ride on my dad's motorcycle to the grocery store to get hot dog buns. My mom looked really funny. She didn't seem to care though. Kade loves his sissy. He likes to shower her with anything he can find when she is on the ground. Here he has all the blankets off his bed, a bunch of toys, and a bunch of books all for her pleasure. He is pretty proud of himself. Sometimes I think she feels too showered.


Swensen Family said...

Oh man, Maggie is getting so big!! It will be fun to see you guys soon. I had to laugh about the Levi picture, but don't tell him that :)!! Looks like you guys had a great time for Thanksgiving and did a lot of what we all like to do best there!! Cute pictures, I loved them all.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

Sounds like you guys had alot of fun. And that is great about Kade sleeping in the other room, how funny. I thought the picture of Levi was funny too. Sometimes I think Isaac and Levi have similar smiling tendencies. :) And I had to laugh at the motorcycle picture! Maggie is SO big, I couldn't believe that was her sitting in the high chair. We really hope to see you guys soon!

Ashley Wray said...

We weren't ready to leave either! Glad you guys had a fun time, love the picture of your parents ready for their motorcycle ride for hotdog buns! Your kiddos sure are cute!

Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had a great time with family. That toe eating fest is just great. I love it!