Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kade turns 2!

A week ago we celebrated Kade's second birthday. I can hardly believe he is 2. I CAN believe that he is acting 2. Actually, I don't have to believe; I see it every day. Anyway, we had a family that lives in our complex over to have cake. The next day we went to Fairfield and had another party with my family. Kade loved the all the candle blowing, gift opening celebrations. Especially with my brothers Levi and Oli there to play with him and his new toys. So here is a timeline of pics of our little big boy Kade, and his life thus far:

Kade had a tough time being born and wasn't breathing at first. He had to be connected to all this stuff for a bit.

2 months

5 months

8 months

10 months

1 year!

18 months


Kade sitting on my dad's lap while opening presents

Kade and Oli

Maggie and me watching the whole thing

Kade liked blowing the candles out so we relit them and let him blow them out a couple of times

We decided to use my sister's camera and my mom's and they ended up being a little blurry. Suprising, considering their cameras are both way better than ours.

My parents gave Kade this cool car track thing and Kade was really loving it. We got home Sunday night and Bret unloaded the car. The next day the car thing was nowhere to be found! I searched the house and later searched the car and found nothing! Bret thought he might have loaded it out of the car but set it down to open a door and forgotten it there. Things around here get stolen easily by little kids who aren't taught to leave things that aren't theirs alone. This is what I thought happened to it. I was pretty mad. We have this neighbor who has asked me for old toys because she takes them apart and makes "art" with them. Interesting lady, thats all I have to say. So Bret got home and decided to knock on her door. She had it. Randomly, she was expecting a friend to drop off a car toy and she thought that was it when she saw it sitting outside our doors. It was already taken apart, but she put it back together for us. I cannot say how glad I was. Even though it is a little toy he will grow out of, I wanted him to at least get SOME play out of it. I was excited for the hours of entertainment it would provide for him during this time that we can't go outside as much because of the cold. I am very glad we have it back.

We are home and happy, although the past few days have been not so happy because we all got sick. Bret got really sick. I don't like being sick. I REALLY don't like when my kids and husband are sick. Today we are better though.


Lindsey and Isaac said...

Happy late Birthday to Kade! It was fun to see all the pictures from when he was a newborn to now. I remember those fun days in Rexburg! That is crazy about that lady taking the car! Glad you found it though! I agree, being sick yourself, or having a sick husband or sick kids is NOT fun. Glad everyone is feeling better. Have you guys been watching Survivor?

Swensen Family said...

Happy late B-day Kade!!! I told Payton earlier that day that it was Kade's birthday and he was so excited and wanted to talk to Kade on the phone. Then when they were talking Payton actually attempted to sing to him. Those pictures we how time flies. Wish we could all be a little closer to see the little ones grow up!!

Jinny and Mick said...

It must just be time for the husbands and kids to get sick. We fought that battle all last week, I got so bored, I just wanted somebody to talk to! I can't believe Kade is 2. He is so cute. That's funny about lighting the candles a few times. I look at his newborn picture and think he looks about 3 months old, but he was a big baby wasn't he?

adorable pearsons said...

Happy Birthday Kade!!! How fun! I can't believe the weird neighbor who steals toys....especially on their birthdays- what kind of person does that? SO glad you got it back!

Romney Family said...

They grow up so fast!!! He sure is cute and use to have some of those kind of people who would take or use things that weren't theirs at our old place. If we didn't want it taken or used by other it had to be taken inside when were out to watch it. Glad you got it back.

Courtney said...

I loved watching him grow up with your pictures- that was awesome. I can't believe how fast babies grow up- it is killing me!
Well, I hope he had a fun birthday!

The Daniel Gray Fam said...

Sicks sucks. It was fun to see you guys this last weekend. Sound like Kade had a great b-day. Who wouldn't at that age?

Susie Stout said...

Wow he has grown up fast it seems like I can't believe you have a 2 year old let alone 2 kids! Sounds like you guys had fun, sorry about the sick bug that's always hard.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you found that car. That lady does sound interesting. It makes you wonder if she really was really waiting for a car toy??? Hmmm. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Those pics of Kade growing up are adorable. Happy birthday to him. Logan will be 2 next month. As to answer you question about 3 being a better age? Hmmm, in my case with Chase-No, he just got more stubborn as he grew up. I think he started mellowing out at 4. I love his age right now. He'll be 5 in February. We get along real well, and he's pretty tame compared to what he was when he was 2-3-beginning of 4. But my problems with him was communication. He didn't talk much until he was over 3, so we had a lot of issues because we could not communicate well. Since Kade already talks like a little man, he may be easier. who knows? Good luck

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Kade! My favorite about him is surely that gorgeous pair of eyes! I can't believe it's been two years's just crazy how fast kids make life go by!