Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby Laugh and Temple Trip

This is a little bit of Maggie laughing. She laughed harder in the bath, but this was still really funny and so cute! Don't mind about what I am saying. We were watching tv and it was part of a comercial and I started saying it to her. It was her second real laughing episode so it was kinda special to us.

We went to the temple on Saturday with some friends in our ward. We took our kids and their boy who is 1 year old. They watched Maggie and Kade while we went to a session, then we watched their boy while they went to a session. It was really nice to do it that way. Although it was a LONG and TIRING day. The car ride was tough-I was smashed in between Kade and Maggie's chunky car seats in the back. We were stupid and forgot about the time change from Washington and Montana and ended up having to stay even longer for our scheduled session(it's a small temple and you have to schedule yourself into a session), and the kids were TIRED! At one point on the way home all the kids were screaming. At another they were all sleeping. It was crazy. They didn't get naps and so finally on the way home fell asleep(after they screamed off and on. Kade had a lot of fun with his buddy Teegan though. They played outside most of the day and the weather was fairly nice too. It was really nice to go to the temple as well. I was gratefull for the chance. It is a calm and peaceful haven in this busy and crazy world we live in. It was worth it to go.

The fam outside Spokanne WA Temple

And cute, little, chunky cheek Maggie


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

So, I decided we needed some (cheap) Halloween decor and found how to make these little thingies on the internet. They are kinda cute. The trees are made out of paper grocery bags all twisted.

I love love this thing. We just got it and I was more excited about it than Kade. It's nice because we have a PLACE for all the little toys and we can actually ORGANIZE things! We went on a little hike a little while ago and Maggie looked so cute all bundled up. The funniest thing happeded last night as we bathed the kids. Maggie usually HATES baths, but the last few times I have sat her up and she does ok. Last night she started cracking up! She laughed a ton!! It was SO funny to hear her. By the time Bret got the camcorder she had quit-wouldn't ya know.
This boy loves to swing....forever.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kade turns 2!

A week ago we celebrated Kade's second birthday. I can hardly believe he is 2. I CAN believe that he is acting 2. Actually, I don't have to believe; I see it every day. Anyway, we had a family that lives in our complex over to have cake. The next day we went to Fairfield and had another party with my family. Kade loved the all the candle blowing, gift opening celebrations. Especially with my brothers Levi and Oli there to play with him and his new toys. So here is a timeline of pics of our little big boy Kade, and his life thus far:

Kade had a tough time being born and wasn't breathing at first. He had to be connected to all this stuff for a bit.

2 months

5 months

8 months

10 months

1 year!

18 months


Kade sitting on my dad's lap while opening presents

Kade and Oli

Maggie and me watching the whole thing

Kade liked blowing the candles out so we relit them and let him blow them out a couple of times

We decided to use my sister's camera and my mom's and they ended up being a little blurry. Suprising, considering their cameras are both way better than ours.

My parents gave Kade this cool car track thing and Kade was really loving it. We got home Sunday night and Bret unloaded the car. The next day the car thing was nowhere to be found! I searched the house and later searched the car and found nothing! Bret thought he might have loaded it out of the car but set it down to open a door and forgotten it there. Things around here get stolen easily by little kids who aren't taught to leave things that aren't theirs alone. This is what I thought happened to it. I was pretty mad. We have this neighbor who has asked me for old toys because she takes them apart and makes "art" with them. Interesting lady, thats all I have to say. So Bret got home and decided to knock on her door. She had it. Randomly, she was expecting a friend to drop off a car toy and she thought that was it when she saw it sitting outside our doors. It was already taken apart, but she put it back together for us. I cannot say how glad I was. Even though it is a little toy he will grow out of, I wanted him to at least get SOME play out of it. I was excited for the hours of entertainment it would provide for him during this time that we can't go outside as much because of the cold. I am very glad we have it back.

We are home and happy, although the past few days have been not so happy because we all got sick. Bret got really sick. I don't like being sick. I REALLY don't like when my kids and husband are sick. Today we are better though.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kade Moments

I want to remember the little things that Kade does or says. He quite often cracks us up!

·The other night when we were putting Kade to bed, we were halfway through his little routine and Bret and I were acting kind of goofy, and all of a sudden Kade decided he was sick of it and said, “Please nigh-night? Please?” I guess he was sick of our goofiness. So we put him to bed and he was happy to have us go.

· Our apartment is a little annoying to get to from the parking lot. It is around the backside of a big building so it takes a few minutes for Kade to walk the distance. Usually we have to remind him to come and keep walking, but one Sunday he was so hyper-happy about nursery that he was running everywhere. He happened to be ahead of us this time and suddenly halted to a stop, turned and said to us: “Come Mom, come Dad!”

· Kade is GREAT at praying with us most of the time. He folds his arms and tries to mimic all of what we say. One time while Bret was leading him in prayer and waiting for him to say it all, Kade randomly put in a thought of his own. “Be nice dad.” Maybe he thought Bret needed an extra reminder for the day!

He is really starting to try and put words together on his own and it is so funny to hear what comes out!