Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

I like to watch Wheel of Fortune sometimes and Kade has gotten into it. This is just a little bit of what he does:

(OOPS, I accidentally put a little bit more of the video than I was planning! It takes too long to upload, so I am leaving it on. Oh, and sorry-it is a little messed up on parts-I don't know why.)

He often shouts out certain letters even if the people on the show don't say them! We think it is really funny! He LOVES to cheer and yell at game shows. He is getting so big and so smart that it really surprises me what he knows. The other day I had three pieces of paper with a square, circle and a triangle on them. I told him what they were called and then asked him to hand me each one as I said its name. We played this game ALL day. He loved it! I love my Kaderman!

Here is Kade (cheesing it) and Maggie:

Maggie is such a good baby! I feel like she is getting big way too fast. I love her newborn cuddly stage so much!

Also, Maggie has a new COUSIN! We are so excited to have Hailey in our family! She and Maggie are exactly 7 weeks apart! They are also similar in weight-Hailey was 9 lbs 3 oz. They both have dark hair as well. Congrats Dawn and Nathan!


Sarah said...

what a fun video! I totally agree about the newborn stage too. Enjoy every minute of it.

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

Cute cute!! So I love Wheel! Daniel laughs because I get way into it and if "I win" then I say man I could've had 50,000 dollars or whatever it is that I would've won. Maggie is so cute! Man Addy is getting so big I can hardly stand it!! tell Bret hi and happy b-day!

Ashley Wray said...

That is too funny, maybe he'll be the next Pat Sajack (spelling?) Isn't it crazy how much they pick up? Rylee loves Sesame Street and she seriously has learned so much from it, I'd like to think that I've taught her a little bit too, but it's crazy what they know by the time they are 2! What cute kiddos you have!

Lindsey~Isaac~Kason said...

How funny. The bee was my favorite! I agree, sometimes they just pick up a ton of stuff on their own; and Kason isn't even as old. I'm sure Kade is really changing, and Maggie as well. She sure looks bigger and very cute :)

Jinny and Mick said...

Meg, that was cute. Good way to learn letters. Maggie looks very much like Brett, she is so cute, and getting big, too!