Sunday, August 24, 2008

Un-spectacular Quirks Tag

Lindsey tagged me for 6 un-spectacular quirks:

1. I have my clothes in my closet organized by color-I get in major organization/cleaning moods and can't stop sometimes. I think that is a Smith gene.(That is my mom's side of the fam.)

2. If I had the choice between a GOOD back massage and my favorite dessert, I would go with the back massage. I would die for a masseuse of my own.

3. I rarely take Tylenol, even when I have a bad headache. When I do take pain killers, all I think about is if my liver will be ok.(exaggeration, but it still crosses my mind) I am quite into alternative medicine.

4.I am an extreme thrift shopper. Practically every piece of clothing Kade has is second hand or found on sale. I shop sales pretty much exclusively. I am pretty good at finding deals and am a little proud of it. I love garage sales. Although hopefully we can purchase some new items once we actually have a real-life income.

5.I love to listen to talk radio. I love Laura Ingrahm, like Rush Limbaugh, and can handle only SOME of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

6. I sleep with one of those cover-your-eyes masks because it helps keep my eyes shut when I am trying to go to sleep and also because I don't like the light at 5 or 6 in the morning. (I don't sleep very well)

Oh, I thought of one more, I hope it's legal to put 7:

7. Adam's apples gross me out and my husband has a big one. He thinks it's weird and tries to get me to touch it sometimes.

I tag:
(and anyone else)


Liz said...

That's all good! I'm not a big medicine taker either and am totally pro-alternative medicine. And as for a massage- one of my very good friends from home is a massage therapist (I had her do massage on me while I was in labor with Aige, I could go on and on about how awesome she is), plus, my best friend growing up is currently in massage school. I'm trying real hard to convice her to just move here to boise. I consider myself almost lucky to have 2 friends that do massage, now if we could only live close to one of them.

Lindsey and Isaac said...

The adam's apple one is so funny! I was laughing because I can just picture Bret saying that to you. You definitely are a good thrift shopper

Jinny and Mick said...

That's pretty funny about the adam's apples, I think they are nasty, too. I don't ever want to touch one.

Ashley Wray said...

I totally had one of those eye masks in college to help me sleep, I should get one again, thanks for the idea! Too funny about Adam's apples, they are pretty weird if you think about it!

Darcy said...

Hey try Coq10 for headaches, its a pill, you can get it at whole foods or other natural stores. It works great. It helps your blood carry more oxygen which reduces the headache.

Sarah said...

My closet is the same-- and tried to do it for Skyler's too . . . it kinda works. Also, I never take pain relievers. I am so afraid that if I take them too much they won't work if I really need them. Ha!