Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures Galore

This post is FULL of pictures! I liked all of these and decided I didn't want to leave any out.

We love Missoula's Spray Parks! They have about 5 parks here that have these really FUN water play areas, and what's best about it is they are FREE! There is one really close to our apartment so we go there almost daily to let Kade play. The first couple of times that we went Kade was really intimidated by all the kids running around and the water shooting everywhere, but one day we decided we would just go and sit to see what he did. We sat down and I told him to go play and he walked away and ran through the sprayer that gets you the most wet! We were dumb-struck! Ever since then, He has gone by himself through the sprayers. He loves going and is always saying "Park! Park! Water! Water!"
Kade coming back to us after running through. He always comes back after every run to spit the water out of his mouth.
He LOVES to be wrapped up in his towel afterwards.

Bret trying to get Kade to go through the water.

I actually like playing in the water too-it feels good on a hot day.


Kade is doing really good with Maggie. I can tell that he does love her and that she is someone important in his life. It is really sweet to see him give her kisses over and over. He IS still learning to be gentle with her though!
This is another favorite dress and I wanted to get a picture of it becuase it is getting too small already! She is just a big baby! She is starting to smile and coo at me lately. She loves it when I tickle and kiss her neck, she tilts her head back and enjoys the attention.
Maggie is STILL suprising me by sleeping well! I am SO glad she is doing so good. She usually goes down around 9 or 10 and sleeps from 4 or 5 or 8 hours! The next stretch is a little tougher for her and she wakes randomly sometimes or just stays awake for a while, but by then I let Bret take over (if its 6 or later). Sometimes she will wake earlier and I will hear her squirm and let out an occasional wail and then she will fall back asleep-amazing! I always tell myself that it could change any minute because that is the way babies work. Actually SHE is a great sleeper, I on the other hand have always struggled with falling asleep. I have been doing pretty good, but when she wakes around 4 or 5 in the morning it is pretty hard for me to get back to sleep. There is just something about those early morning hours that my body just won't settle back down! It annoys me pretty bad. Anybody have any good relaxation tips? But hey, at least I get some good sleep at the beginning!
And..the proud parents


Ashley Wray said...

Love the pictures! Little Maggie is quite the chunker, but so adorable! How big is she these days? So glad she's sleeping so well for you, seriously, can you even remember what it was like to get an uninterupted nights sleep because I sure can't! Keep the pictures coming!

Jess said...

Oooh! Spray parks are the best!!! Carter loves them. We have one in our neighborhood, at our pool, so we love going there. Anyway, Maggie is so cute! That's awesome that she's sleeping well! It helps so much, doesn't it?? I'm glad Kade is doing well with her. Carter still has his days with Ella, but he does pretty well. I'm having so much fun having a little girl though. I just got Ella a few new dresses, because she didn't hvae any that fit! She is wearing 18 month sizes now!!! And she's only 6 months. Crazy.

It's great to hear from you guys--I'm glad you're settling into your "new" life :) Love ya

Summer said...

OK, are you SURE you just had a baby? You make it look so easy! Gotta love the spray parks. (:

Michelle Nielsen said...

Cute kids. Kade is getting so big! I can totally relate to the early morning hours and not being able to go back to sleep. I get really frustrated too. You guys look great!

Jess said...

Haha, you overestimate me! I didn't make that mobile...I just bought it at Pottery Barn Kids for like 20 bucks. It looks like it would be doable though. They are just circles (heavy paper) sewn in a straight line. Then they hang from strings from the metal hoop. If that makes sense. I was too lazy to make one though, so I bought it :) And I usually get in fights with my sewing machine...and my kids when I try to sew..haha. Anyway, you can copy whatever you want from the room. Luckily, my mom was here and painted the walls of the bedrooms (she did it like a week after Ella was born). And then I did the rest of the detail painting. Anyway, hope that helps!!

adorable pearsons said...

I loved all of the pics! The kids are adorable and you two look great! Really- you look so amazing! Having two takes time to adjust for sure, however I have so loved having two! It really makes me feel like a 'real' little family- as weird as that sounds. You are such a cute mom!

Courtney said...

I love seeing updates on your family- you have the cutest kids. I can't believe how big Maggie is---esp compared to how small Noah is!

Josh n' Chelle Smith said...

lookslike you guys had fun. we did not get to the pool enough this year and now summer is almost over! my how summer goes by fast. glad you guys had fun!