Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 Months Old..Already?

Maggie was 2 months old a few days ago. She is such a good baby-it amazes me! She has such a laid back temperament (most the time, but hey, she is still a baby). I can set her down and she will be fine for long periods of time. She just sits there! Then when she is getting antsy to be picked up she goes crazy kicking her feet. She will stare at our eyes until we look at her and when she gets so much as a glance-she smiles away. She is quite a little smiler! She loves it when we simply hold her and coo back and forth with her. Her cry is so little and sweet sounding to us. Little girls are definitely sweet! I really like having a girl and never realized how much fun it would be. Maggie is still sleeping remarkably well. She wakes once around 4 or 5am then sleeps some more. Sometimes she will go all the way until 7am before she wakes. Of course there are those random not so great nights… Overall she is a great baby and we are all so happy she has joined our little family.

Lounging with Dad

Kisses for Maggie...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Un-spectacular Quirks Tag

Lindsey tagged me for 6 un-spectacular quirks:

1. I have my clothes in my closet organized by color-I get in major organization/cleaning moods and can't stop sometimes. I think that is a Smith gene.(That is my mom's side of the fam.)

2. If I had the choice between a GOOD back massage and my favorite dessert, I would go with the back massage. I would die for a masseuse of my own.

3. I rarely take Tylenol, even when I have a bad headache. When I do take pain killers, all I think about is if my liver will be ok.(exaggeration, but it still crosses my mind) I am quite into alternative medicine.

4.I am an extreme thrift shopper. Practically every piece of clothing Kade has is second hand or found on sale. I shop sales pretty much exclusively. I am pretty good at finding deals and am a little proud of it. I love garage sales. Although hopefully we can purchase some new items once we actually have a real-life income.

5.I love to listen to talk radio. I love Laura Ingrahm, like Rush Limbaugh, and can handle only SOME of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

6. I sleep with one of those cover-your-eyes masks because it helps keep my eyes shut when I am trying to go to sleep and also because I don't like the light at 5 or 6 in the morning. (I don't sleep very well)

Oh, I thought of one more, I hope it's legal to put 7:

7. Adam's apples gross me out and my husband has a big one. He thinks it's weird and tries to get me to touch it sometimes.

I tag:
(and anyone else)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Mini Michael Phelps

Now all he has to do is learn how to swim...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wheel of Fortune

I like to watch Wheel of Fortune sometimes and Kade has gotten into it. This is just a little bit of what he does:

(OOPS, I accidentally put a little bit more of the video than I was planning! It takes too long to upload, so I am leaving it on. Oh, and sorry-it is a little messed up on parts-I don't know why.)

He often shouts out certain letters even if the people on the show don't say them! We think it is really funny! He LOVES to cheer and yell at game shows. He is getting so big and so smart that it really surprises me what he knows. The other day I had three pieces of paper with a square, circle and a triangle on them. I told him what they were called and then asked him to hand me each one as I said its name. We played this game ALL day. He loved it! I love my Kaderman!

Here is Kade (cheesing it) and Maggie:

Maggie is such a good baby! I feel like she is getting big way too fast. I love her newborn cuddly stage so much!

Also, Maggie has a new COUSIN! We are so excited to have Hailey in our family! She and Maggie are exactly 7 weeks apart! They are also similar in weight-Hailey was 9 lbs 3 oz. They both have dark hair as well. Congrats Dawn and Nathan!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Birthday Boy

I just wanted to post a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bret! His birthday was yesterday. The day actually started by him being nice to me by letting me get a little more sleep in the morning. I was pretty tired from the night and it helped a lot. We had our neighbors who are in our ward over for cake and ice cream They are really fun neighbors to have and we are SO bummed that they are moving in a few months! Oh, and I bought a cake this year from the store and when I was putting it ever so carefully up front in our van I dropped the sack it was in!! I was so MAD! Luckily it didn't look too bad and was still intact to all of itself. And it was really good (german chocolate) Anyway, then we went and dropped the kids off at another ladies house in our ward. This was the first time for me to be away from Maggie and quite frankly I didn't mind that much! I didn't like missing a feeding session though...ouch (anyone who's nursed knows how that is (: ) Bret has wanted to go to the 2nd batman forever, so we went to that and it was pretty good. I think we liked to 1st one better, but it was still good. Then we went to this place called Famous Dave's-a BBQ restaurant. It was SO good! It was really nice to get away by ourselves. We were trying to remember the last time we went on a date and we think it might have been last summer sometime. So, it has been a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bret was really excited for it too. Then we came home and opened presents! Bret, I love you! I couldn't have ever asked for a better husband-you are my one and only! You really do know how to treat me well and I appreciate all of it. Happy Birthday!

As a side note, lately on tv Bret and I have both seen our birthday's broadcasted quite a bit. His birthday was 8-8-08-which is the first day of the Olympics. So we have seen commercials for that for a while. While my birthday is on 2-17-09, which is the day that they are converting all the tv's to digital tv. Every now and then a note will flash across the screen with that date on it. So both our birthdays are broadcasted! (I know, it's not that exciting, but I thought it was pretty random that it happened.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures Galore

This post is FULL of pictures! I liked all of these and decided I didn't want to leave any out.

We love Missoula's Spray Parks! They have about 5 parks here that have these really FUN water play areas, and what's best about it is they are FREE! There is one really close to our apartment so we go there almost daily to let Kade play. The first couple of times that we went Kade was really intimidated by all the kids running around and the water shooting everywhere, but one day we decided we would just go and sit to see what he did. We sat down and I told him to go play and he walked away and ran through the sprayer that gets you the most wet! We were dumb-struck! Ever since then, He has gone by himself through the sprayers. He loves going and is always saying "Park! Park! Water! Water!"
Kade coming back to us after running through. He always comes back after every run to spit the water out of his mouth.
He LOVES to be wrapped up in his towel afterwards.

Bret trying to get Kade to go through the water.

I actually like playing in the water too-it feels good on a hot day.


Kade is doing really good with Maggie. I can tell that he does love her and that she is someone important in his life. It is really sweet to see him give her kisses over and over. He IS still learning to be gentle with her though!
This is another favorite dress and I wanted to get a picture of it becuase it is getting too small already! She is just a big baby! She is starting to smile and coo at me lately. She loves it when I tickle and kiss her neck, she tilts her head back and enjoys the attention.
Maggie is STILL suprising me by sleeping well! I am SO glad she is doing so good. She usually goes down around 9 or 10 and sleeps from 4 or 5 or 8 hours! The next stretch is a little tougher for her and she wakes randomly sometimes or just stays awake for a while, but by then I let Bret take over (if its 6 or later). Sometimes she will wake earlier and I will hear her squirm and let out an occasional wail and then she will fall back asleep-amazing! I always tell myself that it could change any minute because that is the way babies work. Actually SHE is a great sleeper, I on the other hand have always struggled with falling asleep. I have been doing pretty good, but when she wakes around 4 or 5 in the morning it is pretty hard for me to get back to sleep. There is just something about those early morning hours that my body just won't settle back down! It annoys me pretty bad. Anybody have any good relaxation tips? But hey, at least I get some good sleep at the beginning!
And..the proud parents