Wednesday, July 23, 2008


4 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  • I love love love back massages and beg my husband to give them to me… a little too often I think.
  • I like to sing and play the piano, even though I’m not great at either one.
  • I like pretty much everything there is to eat-not picky
  • I almost got hanged by the rope tow at a ski resort when I was around 10(?). My scarf wrapped around the rope and when I went to get off it yanked me back and onto the ground and dragged me up the hill. People were yelling at the worker-person to shut it off but he couldn’t hear. I was getting close to the part of the tow where it wraps around and heads back down-so I would have been cut off at the neck. Then somehow (The Lord watching over me) it shut off. I started to black out and then our bishop who was skiing too came and lifted me up and I came back. I didn’t want to ski for a long time afterwards, but now I love it…just watch your scarves on the rope tow!

4 Places I Go Over And Over:

  • Wal-Mart
  • The Park
  • The swing set outside in our complex
  • Home-Fairfield

4 People That E-Mail Me:

  •…Does that count as a person?
  • Bret
  • Cathy
  • I hardly email anymore-its all on facebook and blogging that I talk to people, so sadly I have no one to fill the last spot unless I count all the adds I get in my email from JCpenny and Old Navy…

4 Of My Favorite Foods:

  • Goodwitches-Weird yet very yummy!
  • Ice cream of the creamiest nature
  • Fruit and Veggies- I love everything
  • Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house-SEAFOOD!

4 Places I'd Love To Be:

  • Fairfield, MT
  • Spain-so Bret can show me around his mission
  • Bear Lake-I have heard so much about it from people going there this summer that it brings back memories of when I went there and I would LOVE to go back!
  • Hawaii would be nice.

4 Movies I Watch Over And Over:

  • White Christmas-(every Christmas season)
  • The Sound of Music-not that often, but it is something I have watched quite a few times.
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Finding Nemo-for the boys I babysat when I was young and also we borrowed it for a while from my parents and Kade liked it a lot too.

4 People I'm Tagging:

  • Lindsey
  • Katie
  • Lacee
  • Liz


1- Enjoying time with my Husband and Kids, and also being with any other family

2- Listening to the rain and watching thunderstorms (I know it’s the same as you Jess, but I have always loved doing this too!)

3- Holding and cuddling my sweet, innocent and lovable baby girl


1- Losing someone that I love

2- To not be able to do a good enough job as I would like to with raising my kids.

3- Umm, that Barak Obama will be President…


1- To be closer to the Spirit

2- To raise good kids and be a good example to them

3- Exercise more!


1- Blogging

2- Scrapbooking-when I can-which is never since I had Maggie! Hopefully soon I’ll get back around to it.

3- Finding recipes for dinner- I look through my cookbooks/magazines over and over.


1- I was homeschooled/private schooled. I also played on a basketball and volleyball team in Christian league and loved it.

2- I would rather clean the bathroom than the kitchen

3- I really enjoy cooking when I have something to cook with. I tell Bret that someday, when we have money to buy fun ingredients, I am going to cook really good, exciting foods. For now, our menu is quite repetitive!

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adorable pearsons said...

what a fun little post- so glad to get to know more about you! How are you recovering? How is two going for you? YOu are so cute!

Lindsey~Isaac~Kason said...

It was good to read about those things. I didn't know about the skiing incident, scary! You are a good cook, just like your mom! I will have to think of some things (I might have to copy some of your answers :) )

Melissa said...

I'm with you on the Barak Obama thing. That would be really scary...and he probably will be the next president. I'm trying to accept it now, but man, our country is going to go to pot. It's too bad.

By the way, cute post.

Liz said...

Fun, Fun post! But now I have to really think about is always fun to learn more about each other!

Davis Family said...

Fear #3 was very humorous. I agree. Sorry we weren't able to get together while I was there. I'll be home for a few weeks for Christmas, so we'll have to get together. Will you guys be at home or Oregon this year?? Fun post, I do remember when you got stuck skiing. your neck was a little beat up!

Luke and Lacee said...

Wow, scary skiing experience! Meg, I thought for sure Annie or Anne of Green Gables would be on your movie list! Whenever I see those movies I think of you! Totally have obamaphobia too. ~Lacee

SUSIE E. STOUT said...

That was a scary story!! Always nice to know you better!!!!
Your kids are so cute!!

Swensen Family said...

That was fun to read! How is life going with two little ones? I have been meaning to get your cell # I'll have to ask your mom (we finally joined the group)! How is Maggie sleeping?! Hang in there and now I'll have to di my tag :)!