Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost There!

Well, only a little less than 4 weeks away! I am excited to get this baby out of my belly and also scared. I haven’t had a “regular” birth where we rush to the hospital, so I’m a little nervous for that. With Kade, we just walked into the hospital and got all ready then they broke my water. It was actually quite a nice way to do it in my opinion. Although I am hoping I don’t have to go as long as I did with Kade. Also, with Kade I tried not to get an epidural, but ended up asking for one and then got denied because they were afraid of infection. It actually was a really good thing I didn’t get one because I had to push really hard to get Kade out. I would have had to get a c-section because I wouldn’t have been able to push. So I still don’t want to get an epidural because my labor was so fast with Kade and might be again and I NEED to be able to push, but I am a little nervous I might want one…we will see I guess.


Anyway, we finally found a second hand double stroller! I’m so excited! It was a really good buy and it is in really good condition. Kade loves it already. It has a little play steering wheel on the front seat and he has asked non-stop to get in and play with it. It will be perfect for this summer. There is a playgroup that meets once a week at a park that is walking-distance away from us, so the stroller will really come in handy.

This summer there are some really fun things we are going to have to miss because of the birth coming. One, we are missing Bret’s family reunion at BEAR LAKE and also my family reunion. They are both right before and during my due date-so we cannot go. I LOVE Bear Lake and am so disappointed we are missing it. A few other things I have to miss are the marriage of two of my girl cousins. I wish I could be there or at least go to a reception, but again-during or right before my due date! But, I have actually come to be ok with this. I am very excited to have my girl and already love her so much. I am glad that she is coming and will be just fine to miss these things for her.

We also just got a betta fish. Kade LOVES that as well.

OH! And PS. It SNOWED here this morning. I could not believe it! Where is summer????


Lindsey~Isaac~Kason said...

It is getting so close! Exciting! We will miss you at the family reunion, but we'll have to come down and see the baby before we move. What an exciting buy with the double stroller. That will be so nice! I love the picture of Kade looking at the fish

Ashley said...

Yay for July, then we can both be not pregnant and have cute little baby girls in our arms! You are so brave to do it without the epidural, I wish I could just get mine in now! Thanks for the link on potty training, we actually are taking a break for a few months until Rylee is really ready, but I seriously think it would be worth it to pay that lady $250 to just get it done! Anyways, can't wait to see some pictures and here all about your labor when your little girl arrives!

Swensen Family said...

I am always due at that time so I totally know how you are feeling!! It is summer time and everyone else is doing fun things and getting away, but you will get a special addition in your family and what is better than that?! I hope all goes well. I know that you are going to love that stroller...We love ours too!

Romney Family said...

Good luck with the delivery!! Hope it goes fast like it did with Kade. that is too bad you will miss the reunions on both sides. We did also when Alyssa was born!!

Megs said...

Kade is getting sooooo big!! How exciting to have a little girl on the way!! Hopefully all goes well!!

Melissa said...

Hey Megs,

Its hard to be very pregnant...and everything about it is EXPECTING. You just hang around, watching time go by, expecting the baby, and expecting what you should expect when it comes to the birth, but not really be able to expect, because you have no idea how the birth will go. Both of mine were completely different...but some people have similar experiences. Who knows?
Good luck and I can't wait to see new pictures of your little cutie girl.

A. Swensen said...

I love the fishbowl picture! He's so cute!