Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, thankfully I didn’t have to wait until July 5th to have my baby! I think that I wouldn’t have made it through labor if she had had a chance to get any bigger. The doctor said a week before that he thought she was around 6 ½ pounds… they also say that your second one is around a ½ pound bigger and girls are around a ½ pound smaller…so I was expecting around the same size as Kade and since she came early-I thought maybe even smaller. ALL WRONG. She was 9 lbs 5 oz! I am still blown away by it. I cannot believe she was so big! She was born Wednesday, June 25, 2008. I started to notice my Braxton hicks were hurting me at 6 that morning. The doctor, being informed of how fast Kade’s birth was, told me not to "dawdle" if I felt anything. But...we waited to see if the hurting stopped and when it didn’t we dropped Kade off and went to the hospital at 10:30. There they told me that I WAS in labor and dilated to an 8. So it was a good thing I went in. I couldn’t believe it was happening so early! I waited for a while for the doctor to get there and the contractions slowly got worse. But I did feel like I handled it a lot better this time. The nurses couldn’t break my water without the doctor so that made me REALLY want the doctor to get there. He got there at 1:00 and broke my water and I had Maggie Christine Linford at 2:15 pm. I was SO glad he broke my water. It made things go very fast. I pushed for 25 min. and that was TOUGH because she was SO big. I knew that I needed to be able to push so I got a little pain medication through my iv and didn’t get the epidural. I am glad that I stuck to that plan of not getting one because I needed to push hard! Oh, I’m SO glad that part is OVER!
We went home the next day and have been enjoying our new baby ever since. She is the spitting image of Kade to us when he was a newborn. Except for she has a little darker hair and eyes. I am recovering slowly but surely. And what’s great is that I didn’t tear or anything! I was amazed! With Kade I got a 3rd degree episiotomy and that took a while to heal. This time it's already so much better!
Kade was really timid to touch Maggie at first, but after a bit he liked to pet her face and thought that all her little sounds were hilarious. It was cute. He actually is visiting Grandma and Grandpa Swensen right now-which is really nice for me to be able to sleep when Maggie does. But I sure do miss him! My mom had my cousin’s wedding to go to and then she is bringing him back to us. Anyway, that is our update, here are some pics of our little girl

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kade on Sugar!

We tend to not feed Kade much sugar...the last part of this is what happens when he gets a little too much. He can sometimes be timid and reserved in public, but he is very comfortable at home.

Also, Happy Father's Day Bret! I love you! You are such a great Dad to Kade. Your patience and fun-loving manner with him is truly such an example to me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost There!

Well, only a little less than 4 weeks away! I am excited to get this baby out of my belly and also scared. I haven’t had a “regular” birth where we rush to the hospital, so I’m a little nervous for that. With Kade, we just walked into the hospital and got all ready then they broke my water. It was actually quite a nice way to do it in my opinion. Although I am hoping I don’t have to go as long as I did with Kade. Also, with Kade I tried not to get an epidural, but ended up asking for one and then got denied because they were afraid of infection. It actually was a really good thing I didn’t get one because I had to push really hard to get Kade out. I would have had to get a c-section because I wouldn’t have been able to push. So I still don’t want to get an epidural because my labor was so fast with Kade and might be again and I NEED to be able to push, but I am a little nervous I might want one…we will see I guess.


Anyway, we finally found a second hand double stroller! I’m so excited! It was a really good buy and it is in really good condition. Kade loves it already. It has a little play steering wheel on the front seat and he has asked non-stop to get in and play with it. It will be perfect for this summer. There is a playgroup that meets once a week at a park that is walking-distance away from us, so the stroller will really come in handy.

This summer there are some really fun things we are going to have to miss because of the birth coming. One, we are missing Bret’s family reunion at BEAR LAKE and also my family reunion. They are both right before and during my due date-so we cannot go. I LOVE Bear Lake and am so disappointed we are missing it. A few other things I have to miss are the marriage of two of my girl cousins. I wish I could be there or at least go to a reception, but again-during or right before my due date! But, I have actually come to be ok with this. I am very excited to have my girl and already love her so much. I am glad that she is coming and will be just fine to miss these things for her.

We also just got a betta fish. Kade LOVES that as well.

OH! And PS. It SNOWED here this morning. I could not believe it! Where is summer????

Monday, June 2, 2008

To Fairfield and back

We got back from my parent's house on Monday and have been recovering for the remainder of the week. The trip started out good. Although, it rained four days straight. We went to a lake with my parents, Isaac, Lindsey and Kason. It was fun, even though it was raining pretty hard when we first got there. It stopped after a little while. Kade had fun with his grandparents and he enjoyed throwing rocks in the water.

Kade, Kason and Grandma

In the boat, trying to catch fish...didn't catch any

I started to get very achy from my big belly. I was a little worried because I got SO achy with Kade 2 weeks before he was born, and this time it started at 7 weeks before my due date. It wasn't as bad as before, but it really made me worried that it would get bad fast. Then the worst thing happened, Kade got an awful flu bug. He threw up everything and WANTED food and water so bad almost constantly. He would sleep, wake up and cry the whole time and then sleep. It lasted for 6 days. It was not a fun trip after that. Oh, on top of that I got some kind of bug as well. Not the same as Kade, but it was still annoying. Luckily my parents have this great massager thing and Bret gave me TONS of massages with it and they even let us take it home. It has helped a lot with my achiness. We tried to wait to see if Kade got better, but he never did. We came home on Tuesday, and Kade was sick until Wednesday. He was so weak and tired from not eating hardly anything for a week! I felt really bad for him. Once he started holding down food, he moved around a little more, but his legs were like jello. He would scoot himself across the ground and flop on his belly and rest. It was so sad! But, thankfully he is better now, despite the fact that he is a little paranoid about his food. He acts like we are trying to jip him out of the food he wants. I'm so glad he's feeling better though.