Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finals Week is Over!
This week has been a very ordinary one for me and a very busy one for Bret. It is finals week and he has had several papers to write. He has pretty-much hogged the computer all last weekend and this week! It made me realize that blogging can become very addicting. I had to read my book that I had set down since I started blogging! This weekend Bret is taking Kade to a Father/son outing and I am a little nervous for the wellbeing of Kade. I might just lay awake at night and wonder if he is warm enough! I’m sure he’ll live, but this will actually be the first night I have spent away from Kade. So that should be interesting. I happen to be a little bit of a health nut and so whenever Bret has an opportunity to eat tons of junk food-he takes it. He has already told me a million times what they are going to eat that night of the campout: hot dogs, POP, chips and s’mores. As for my weekend, I am planning on going to Michaels (the store :) ) and spending a LONG time there. I also want to go walk around the mall because I haven’t done that since we moved here. I have been there, but it’s always just too speedy of a trip with the boys- shopping and walking/riding makes them BOTH very tired of it incredibly fast.
The REAL excitement for us starts Monday when we leave for Bret’s parent’s house in Idaho. We will be there all week. Then we will come back here and leave again on Monday to spend a week at my parents. I love having Kade see and get to know his grandparents. I wish that he could see all of them more often. We are all SO ready for a vacation! It will be really nice to have Bret around and NOT doing school.

And of course, some pictures of Kade:

He thinks he is so funny. He could see through the strap in the back of Bret’s hat and thought he was so clever! Like his other weird hat, he HAD to wear it outside.

Kade sitting in the pots and pans cupboard


So Bret and I are having a difference of opinion on the spelling of a name and I decided to get some feedback on the issue. How would you spell this name if you want it to say: Ay-vuh? Eva, Ava, Aeva, Eava, or Eaveae (jk about the last couple)?


Swensen Family said...

I know what you mean...sometimes Mckay hogs the computer too! Looks like you are going to take advantage of going to stores that you don't always get to spend the time that you want to at, due to your "Boys" good idea! Also that is nice that you get to visit Bret's family for a week. Maybe if you have time we should meet up somewhere since you will be somewhat close...although I don't want to take time away from Bret's family. Anyway let us know! Kade is so funny, how is nursery going these days?

Swensen Family said...

oops, I would guess Ava!

Ashley said...

Blogging is so addicting and so fun! I'm glad that it's sucked you :) How fun to have a night/day all to yourself, but I would totally be worrying all night long about this and that! Just enjoy it and be sure and sleep in if you can! I love your name, I would spell it Ava, that's actually a name thats on our list too!

Romney Family said...

yeah for finals being over!! I sure hope you have a great time by yourself for a night. I wish I had one of those. I haven't had one of those night ever!! Can you believe that? Kade sure is cute!! He looks like a Swensen. I love it!!

Lindsey~Isaac~Kason said...

What a relief to have finals over. Have fun at Michaels and the mall!! I agree about that kind of shopping always being too short! We are excited to see you guys in a little over a week. I would spell it Ava. What are you thinking about the name Maggie?

Melanie said...

So I've been meaning to ask you, Bret, what you are up sounds like you are in school...what are you studying? And your parents live in Idaho now? Where??

Whitney & David said...

hmmm.... Our little boy almost didn't have a name at all because David and I could not agree on how to spell it. In the end I let him have the first half and i took the last. (Makray he got MAK i got Ray) None the less i know how hard it can be. I like Ava david said Ayva, as you can see we don't agree on other peoples kids either. Anyway I love the name anyway you spell it.

Sarah said...

Have fun on vacation without homework!!! (Shopping is more exhausting than it used to be pre-pregnancy too; I can only imagine what it's like with kids). I would say Ava (or Ayva)

Jonathan Baird said...


I would go with Ava, unless you want people to say the name wrong all the time.

Enjoy the time away from the boys. I would definitely hit the mall. My boys do not like to shop (mostly Jon) so our trips are lighting fast...but to be able to linger and finger anything you want to...that is priceless and worth your sanity as a woman.

Jess said...

I would have to say Ava...Eva would sound like Eeva, I think.

You were saying that you'd never spent a night away from Kade yet...and now that I think of it, I've never spent one away from Carter!! Crazy. And Barrett is the same way about junk food. I hardly ever even give Carter juice, so he loves when daddy is around and will give him all kinds of stuff that mommy won't allow :) But his favorite is still plain broccoli, haha.

So how did the weekend alone go? I'm sure Bret and Kade had tons of fun together. I went to Target...just Ella and me...and it was sooo refreshing, haha. Carter is also not a huge fan of shopping, go figure.

Anyway, it's great to read your blog and see what you're up to! Have fun on "vacation"! I'm hoping to get one of those someday :)

Luke and Lacee said...

Hope you had a good time at the mall! Kade just looks like he is cracking himself up in those pictures, funny! I think the name Ava is so pretty (obviously I think that is how it is spelled). ~Lacee