Sunday, May 18, 2008

Idaho with the Grandparents!

We are back from Idaho and had a great time. Here are a few pics of what we did there.

This is Kade after he got some chocolate ice cream. He loved it.

Grandma and Grandpa's town has a little planter pond for kids, so we took Kade there a few times. He really liked throwing rocks into the water the best. The fish scared him to the point of tears when they flipped around on the hook, but he did better as time went on. He also enjoyed reeling the hook back in.

The drive was SO pretty, and SO curvy. I get really car sick easily, so this trip was awful in that aspect. But we drove through amazingly beautiful canyons and had to stop and take a pic right before Grangeville, ID. We also went to Zims hot springs which is close to Bret's parents. It was really fun and Kade LOVES water, he can't get enough of it. We played outside with the kitties (Kade loved that) and went to a park and had a great time. Tomorrow we are leaving for Grandma and Grandpa Swensen's house for this next week! We love seeing all of our family and think it's great for Kade!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finals Week is Over!
This week has been a very ordinary one for me and a very busy one for Bret. It is finals week and he has had several papers to write. He has pretty-much hogged the computer all last weekend and this week! It made me realize that blogging can become very addicting. I had to read my book that I had set down since I started blogging! This weekend Bret is taking Kade to a Father/son outing and I am a little nervous for the wellbeing of Kade. I might just lay awake at night and wonder if he is warm enough! I’m sure he’ll live, but this will actually be the first night I have spent away from Kade. So that should be interesting. I happen to be a little bit of a health nut and so whenever Bret has an opportunity to eat tons of junk food-he takes it. He has already told me a million times what they are going to eat that night of the campout: hot dogs, POP, chips and s’mores. As for my weekend, I am planning on going to Michaels (the store :) ) and spending a LONG time there. I also want to go walk around the mall because I haven’t done that since we moved here. I have been there, but it’s always just too speedy of a trip with the boys- shopping and walking/riding makes them BOTH very tired of it incredibly fast.
The REAL excitement for us starts Monday when we leave for Bret’s parent’s house in Idaho. We will be there all week. Then we will come back here and leave again on Monday to spend a week at my parents. I love having Kade see and get to know his grandparents. I wish that he could see all of them more often. We are all SO ready for a vacation! It will be really nice to have Bret around and NOT doing school.

And of course, some pictures of Kade:

He thinks he is so funny. He could see through the strap in the back of Bret’s hat and thought he was so clever! Like his other weird hat, he HAD to wear it outside.

Kade sitting in the pots and pans cupboard


So Bret and I are having a difference of opinion on the spelling of a name and I decided to get some feedback on the issue. How would you spell this name if you want it to say: Ay-vuh? Eva, Ava, Aeva, Eava, or Eaveae (jk about the last couple)?