Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Since Megan was being a little ornery about posting a pregnant photo, I (Bret) decided to take it upon myself appease the masses. As you can see in the photo, it wasn't something she was very excited to do...although she is an especially good-looking pregnant woman. We are both really excited for our soon-to-be new edition to our family. We just have to keep her in the cooker for a couple more months...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pregnant Photo

Ok, so apparently some of you want to see a pregnant photo. Well, I finally decided to give into peer pressure/husband pressure and post a photo online for the whole world to see. For those of you who saw me during my previous pregnancy, you will remember how LaRgE my belly swelled and also how it had the distinctive shape of a BASKETBALL. Well this time’s not so different from the last, other than the fact that the basketball shape is a slight bit more pronounced. I have actually had more than a few friends and strangers alike tell me that my belly looks just like a basketball. I have had some even accuse me of stuffing a basketball under my shirt! The nerve! So feel free to judge whether or not it ACTUALLY looks like a basketball.

(Oh, disregard the glasses-they are Bret’s new glasses that I was just messing around with.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Weather Where Are You?

I am extremely ready for good weather! This whole past week has been from fairly good one day to bad the next day. Montana weather is so weird. It seems that Kade is feeling antsy for good weather as well. He has become quite hard to entertain inside lately.

Kade is an interesting kid. I have never seen a baby more in love with food than him. One morning when Bret was watching Kade and letting me sleep, I got up to find out that Kade had eaten: 1 whole orange, a couple bowls of cereal (toddler size), and some of Dad's cereal. Then I ate breakfast and he had some of mine as well. I don't know how he fits it all in, but he does and it doesn't seem to make him any larger than normal. He has gotten more picky with what he wants, but he still eats a ton! Sometimes I will just have to get him down while he is yelling "more!" because he is practically burping up all that he ate. His first real word that I think he kind of comprehended the meaning of was "more." But I am actually ok with his eating because I would rather have him eat well than not eat hardly anything! Kade is most always up to having some food. This pic is of Kade eating applesauce and smearing it all over his head. He pretty-much covered his head with it.

He is so fun! I love being his mom. He has gotten into laughing as hard as he can lately(even if it's fake). His body gets all tightened up and he holds his hands in fists and forces out the heartiest laugh that he can. That gets me laughing at him and then he starts laughing really hard. We both end up just laughing our heads off at each other. It is really fun!

Missoula has a carousel and on Saturday we took Kade to it for the 2nd time. He really liked it at first, then he kinda got sick of it. I rode it the 1st time, but it made me a little sick because it went surprisingly fast, so I didn't ride it the second time.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Our New VAN!

This is our NEW (to us!) mini van. Our car died completely last summer and we have been driving my parent's car that my sister drove around before she left on her mission. So we have been looking for a WhiLe now. I am SO excited!(I am a little weird, I know) It is so much more SPACIOUS than our car. I thought I was excited, but Bret seems to be just as if not more excited than I am. We drove to Spokane WA to get it (3 hours away) and as soon as we got back Bret bought all this cleaning stuff-it was dirty on the inside-and cleaned it FOREVER. HE can't stop talking about it. So, I am not the only one extremely giddy about our new car.

Oh, in case you noticed that weird hat Kade was wearing in the previous picture-this is it at a closer look. Bret served his mission in Spain and brought this Barcelona soccer team hat back and when we went to take a pic of the van Kade wanted to put it on. He wore it the whole time we were outside... another weird member of the family!


(The overly-sensitive rambling of a mother)

So I wanted to say that Kade started nursery yesterday. I really was thinking it might go bad, but I was hoping that it wouldn't. It went bad. Kade is really really shy in new places and when I took him in, he did not want to be there. I tried playing with him for a little bit and the nursery ladies told me they could see how it goes, so I left. Kade was crying and hugging my legs and...just freaking out. He did not want to be left. But the thing is I am a primary teacher and HAVE to go teach my class. Bret teaches a Sunday school class, so he couldn't take Kade either. He actually teaches right next to the nursery room and said that he could hear Kade crying A LOT. Not constantly though, so that was good. So, when it was time to go the ladies said Kade latched on to one and wanted to sit on her lap the whole time and every so often he would look up at her and see that it wasn't me and start crying. Oh well. Hopefully things get better, but I am very unsure how to get him to NOT hate nursery. Also, I know it is only the 1st Sunday we tried it, but does it ever get better for kids like mine?? I just hope it happens before the next baby comes, or sometime around there!

Here is another pic of Kade wearing his goofy hat

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Easter 2008

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter in Fairfield

We went to my parents for easter and took Kade to the community easter egg hunt. It was really fun to see him getting into it. He sat down on the ground right afterwards and wanted to open all the eggs and get all the candy out.

Sunday, April 6, 2008